Stress, Wellness and Nutrition - Free Essay on Wellbeing

Published: 2018-03-06
Stress, Wellness and Nutrition - Free Essay on Wellbeing
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There are six dimensions to a persons’ overall well-being. These dimensions of wellness reflect the physical, spiritual, environmental, interpersonal, intellectual and emotional well-being of an individual. Personally, I have the vision to optimize my overall well-being through embarking on a wellness journey. To achieve this, I have created a vision board using images to outline the steps I plan to take to attain success in all six dimensions of wellness. I have also included images highlighting relaxation techniques I use to help me keep calm every day. These relaxation techniques are drawing, hypnosis, meditation and listening to music. I find them very fulfilling as they help lower my heart rate, clear my mind of negative thoughts and motivate me throughout the day.

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Physical Wellness

To start my vision board, I opted for a picture depicting physical fitness. Physical fitness is my weakest area. I would like to improve my health and physical wellness by incorporating exercise, better nutrition and adequate rest in my daily routine. A great diet and adequate sleep will help increase my energy levels thus enabling me to successfully carry out tasks. Aside from this, losing excess weight through exercise will help boost my confidence and self-esteem especially when engaging in social activities such as shopping.

Spiritual Wellness

In regards to spiritual wellness, I opted for images advocating for simple stress reduction techniques such as breathing exercises, yoga, and laughter. Laughter is an inexpensive and great way to counter stress. As such, I prefer to laugh often to prevent myself from feeling depressed. Aside from laughter, I find breathing exercises relaxing too. Breathing exercises help me reduce stress especially during test times when I am too anxious. I plan to begin practicing yoga as a means to keep calm when I feel distressed.

Environmental Wellness

The third image on my vision board entails environmental wellness. Here, I included pictures advocating for people to interact, care and nurture their immediate environment responsibly. Personally, the beauty of nature invokes in me a sense of wonder and peace. I often feel emotionally calm and attune to my spiritual well-being when encircled by beautiful natural surroundings. As such, I feel that it is important to nurture our environment so that we may continue to enjoy the immense benefits of nature.

Interpersonal Wellness

In regards to interpersonal wellness, I chose images portraying the importance of communication in building healthy friendships. I believe that having open and honest communication with our parents, friends, and teachers helps us build meaningful relationships. I have learned that when we honestly express our feelings, can resolve a conflict amicably. Amicable conflict resolution often evokes a spirit of support, togetherness, kindness, patience and love in both parties. These attributes are necessary for maintaining healthy long-term interpersonal relationships with our parents, friends, and teachers.

Intellectual Wellness

Intellectual wellness goes beyond the knowledge acquired in class. As such, I chose images advocating for continuous learning. It is important for people to advance their knowledge by reading new books. In this way, they will be able to acquire the wisdom necessary to apply the knowledge accumulated into their daily life practices.

Emotional Wellness

I believe that emotional wellness stems from self-love. Self-love is one’s ability always to keep calm, maintain a positive attitude, have high self-esteem and maintain positive relationships with others. In this regard, I chose images depicting these attributes to account for this section of my vision board.

Where I Am Now vs. Where I want to be

To end my vision board, I chose images to depict my present state of wellness vis-à-vis my aspirations in my wellness journey. Currently, my greatest weakness in attaining optimum wellness lies in poor dietary choices. I love sugar, sweet treats as well as fast food such as ‘french-fries’ and pizza. However, I would like to embrace a healthy diet centralized on healthy starch, vegetables, fruits and blended fruit juices. In so doing, I believe that I will be able to revitalize my health and overall well-being.

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