Introductory Statement & Thesis

Published: 2022-12-05
Introductory Statement & Thesis
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Ellen DeGeneres is an openly gay American comedian, actor and television host who has inspired many Americans for decades. Her support for the LGBT community at a time when it was a controversial topic in America makes her a courageous and quite influential American celebrity.

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Thesis: Ellen's career opened the pathway for many LGBT persons in Hollywood. Her influence, style, confidence and vocal artistry has been a major encouragement for other LGBTQ persons in American showbiz.

Point 1 #: Ellen is among the oldest advocates for the LGBT community in the world

Example: Ellen DeGeneres premiered in Tonight Show Starring Johny Carson in 1986, and stood for LGBT rights when it was unheard of in Hollywood (Reed 12). She always knew her personality and fought hard to be in the limelight, despite her stance being politically incorrect at the time.

Example2: At a time when the Oprah Winfrey Show was very popular in the United States, Ellen chose to come out as being a lesbian in prime time Oprah in 1997 (Reed 20). She received a lot of criticism and had many people blasting her for her character at the time. She, however, stood to her beliefs and has continued to do so to date.

Point 2# Ellen has participated in the Campaign against HIV/AIDs

Example: In 2011, the then secretary of State, Hillary Clinton named Ellen as an AIDS ambassador for the United States. She used her show to create awareness on HIV/AIDS and influenced many HIV tests in America (Hilton-Morrow 42).

Point 2# Ellen is an anti-poaching activist

Example: Ellen has been involved in efforts to curb elephant tusk sales in Africa and the United States. She has used her show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show to create awareness on the dangers of poaching (Reed 25).


Ellen DeGeneres stole the limelight for being openly gay. Her career has however not been about her gender and stance on the LGBT community (Hilton-Morrow 42). She has constantly campaigned for better political leadership in America and discussed topics such as modern-day slavery, the issue of race and color in America as well as immigration. Ellen's talk show is among the oldest in the country and has existed since 1994 (Reed 22). She has often been compared to Oprah and has amazed the world with her other skills such as acting and comedy.

While Ellen has not been very vocal in matters concerning poaching, she has openly been classified as a 'big vegan' and has influenced the culture of veganism in America, by encouraging alternative sources of protein. Ellen often maintains a neutral political position, but she has criticized every government on different issues of policy. Her experience and relevance in Hollywood makes her among the most celebrated personalities in America.

Ellen's demeanor and personality has not only won her key roles in famous American movies such as Dr. Dolittle, Mr. Wrong and animations such as Finding Nemo and Finding Dory, she has hosted one of the oldest talk shows in the country; The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which she has used to advocate for change in antisocial mentalities in the country (Reed 19). In summary, Ellen is America's social champion and a veteran personality who continues to influence and inspire to date.

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