Reading vs Video Games - Compare and Contrast Essay Sample

Published: 2017-11-01
Reading vs Video Games - Compare and Contrast Essay Sample
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Playing Video Games vs Reading an Interesting Novel

Video gaming has become one of the most significant social activities that the young people spend most of their time doing. Video games have become addictive to many young people as they prefer to do nothing else but only engage in paying the video games. Various people have raised their concerns; however, educators have become more concerned with it because it greatly affects the education sector. Video games have become addictive such that the young people consider it part of their lives. Educators have realized that most learners continue to underperform because they spend most of their times playing games. Therefore, when comparing playing video games and reading an interesting novel; most people prefer to play games than engage in reading. This paper will examine the contrast and comparison between playing video games and reading novels.

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According to St. James, playing video games has more harmful effects on the young people than good. Teenagers spend most of their time that they should have used to do their coursework or assignments playing games (St. James 3); and the effects are harmful rather than encouraging. Playing video games is more related with negative social behavior (Green et al.); for example, playing video game can lead to development of violent behaviors and other poor social behaviors like drug abuse. According to Mol et al., many students do not prefer to engage in reading activities as compared to other leisure activities. Most students would prefer to play video games instead of reading. Students regard reading as boring, while playing video game is regarded as an interesting leisure activity. Research found that most students prefer to engage in other activities but not reading during their leisure time (Mol et al.). The research students who dislike reading have a difficult time managing their time. The authors further explain that, students lack interest in reading and this can affect their class performance as well. Lack of reading practice can lead to underperformance in class (Mol et al.). Therefore, the culture of enjoying reading should be inculcated in the learners when they are still young so that they grow up with the interest of reading. According to Mol et al. this will help them manage their time when they are outside school.

Some people argue that playing video games can also help learners improve in some academic aspects; their participation abilities are improved through the game. Scholars have also found that most people who play video games are violent. According to Drmmond and James, video game playing is more associated with poor performance in class. The authors also explain that most people playing video games normally have a problem with emotional management and health issues. Video gaming is related with epileptic seizure that can affect one’s life permanently. Again, video gaming is also associated with physical pain like joint and muscle problems (McLean & Mark 122). A research study by Drmmond and James, students who spend most of their time playing video games perform poorly in classroom as compared to students who make use of their time doing something related to academic such as reading novels.

In conclusion, when we compare and contrast playing video games and reading an interesting novels can make an assumption that it is better to read an interesting novel as it will help one improves his/her performance in class. Engaging in video game playing is destructive to one’s life and also cognitive development. Therefore, I strongly believe that it is better to read a novel than play a video game.

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