Essay Example Comprising the Interview with an Accountant

Published: 2022-09-07
Essay Example Comprising the Interview with an Accountant
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I was lucky enough to have a sit down with one of the busiest accounting professionals for a session of face to face interview. It was an eye-opening experience to understand how he goes about his duties and responsibilities of preparing the books and financial statements of different entities.

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After the introductions, I sought to know how he applies mathematics in his line of career and he was kind enough to enlighten me that most financial transactions involve numbers that require to be computed keenly.

The average salary of an accountant stands at $70,000 with the entry level salary stagnates at around $38,000. However, he let me know that top professionals in the filed like himself earn a top salary that starts from $122,220.

Needless to mention, he pointed out that accounting is a demanding professional where one has to be alert at all times and monitor the dates to comply with the various statutory deadlines set by government agencies. Managing these dates is a hectic routine.

Generally, accountants are busy throughout the year as they have to keep the books of their clients. However, they are busiest during the tax season when almost everyone is in a rush to file their tax returns to avoid fines and penalties.

Accomplished accountants, according to my interviewee, have a better work life balance in that they can free up their time to attend to personal matters. This does not apply to junior accountants who have to crunch the numbers before their work can be supervised and verified by their seniors.

Accounting is a prestigious profession because it enables one to afford a decent lifestyle without struggling with cash issues. Independent accountants benefit from the generous commissions and allowances once they meet deadlines and other numerical targets for their clients.

My interviewee said that he finds his accounting job to be quite rewarding. This is because he is in love with numbers and the accounting job helps him to apply mathematics on a daily basis, hence his passion for accounting.

Once a person acquires the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) accreditation, there is no need for further academic education for one to remain a qualified accountant. However, one requires professional training every now and then to keep abreast with changes taking pace in the accounting profession.

Part of the demands of the accounting profession, as my interviewee revealed to me, is the need to constantly travel to the physical outlets of various clients. This is necessary for either internal or external audit purposes especially where stock management is concerned.

During the peak tax filing season, the accounting profession is in dire need of college student interns who help the junior accountants with the vast amount of paperwork. These temporary jobs may end up being long-term engagements depending with the agreement between the interns and the management of the company.

My interviewee is eternally grateful for undertaking a degree course in accountancy. This is because the degree phase of his life prepared him adequately for the rigorous demands of the accounting profession. Thant notwithstanding, however, there is need for practical experience to apply the theory applied in class.

I finally ended the interview by asking on the various challenges that the accountant faces in his job. He said the biggest challenge was complying with the law because most of the accountants are tarnishing the profession by getting involved in cooking books and helping criminals launder money from the black market.

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