Free Essay Sample - Interview Reflection

Published: 2019-06-06 12:46:31
Free Essay Sample - Interview Reflection
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Form the interview with the veteran; I realized that the war in Vietnam may have done more harm than good to the country. It was an unnecessary mess that the United States chose to involve itself in. Not only were the losses suffered horrendous, they reflected badly on the fiber of American society. The United States supported a brutal dictatorship under the leadership of the diem family. The political situation led to the loss of lives through murders orchestrated by the secret police. It shocked me to discover that the United States would support a bloody regime and keep it in power to suit American purposes.

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Before I carried out the interview, I though scholars carried out historical studies by carrying out interviews and visiting historical sights. The interview sharpened that perception. I realized the importance of conducting in depth interview to obtain necessary historical information. With well-structured interview questions, a scholar can derive important historical information from a source. The interview has to be engaging for the source to be interested in taking part and completing it. In addition, the source should be made to feel comfortable so they may give as much detailed information as possible.

I have realized that some people make sacrifices for the good of the community or society. People risk their lives or the things they love most, so that the country can be a better place to live in. The contributions of one individual can impact the well-being of various communities. The contributions can be inspirational or show a devotion to the welfare of the community. It is important for an individual to carry out activities that would not just benefit them individually, but also as a community. In this way, a culture of giving can be developed and it could assist those in need within the community.

One of the ethical decisions that the source for the interview had to make was during the Vietnam War, to bomb a village full of hostiles but with a considerable civilian population. The soldiers knew civilians were hiding in the village. However, scouts reported that a division of Vietcong was lying in ambush at the village. The squad was outnumbered. The enemy was pressing in from various directions. They had to act fast and air support was the most viable option since ground support would take too long. In the end, they had to call in air support leading to the death of civilians in the skirmish that ensued. Having to choose between saving themselves and saving the lives of innocent civilians is an ethical dilemma. If I had been in the infantry, i would have made a similar decision. Sometimes sacrifices have to be made for the greater good.

Soldiers make a huge sacrifice when they join the armed forces. They stake their lives for the sake of the country. for soldiers, there is a lot of uncertainty in the battlefield. Soldiers never know if they are going to make it out alive. However, with the training they have received and internal willingness to do what is necessary for their country, they keep fighting. The Vietnamese war was a bloody affair that led to the deaths of many soldier s and civilians through acts of wear and associated troubles. It is arguable whether it was avoidable. However, the fact still remains that soldiers make an enormous sacrifice for their country and people.

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