Living in a Union Square Complex - Free Essay with a Problem-Solving Example

Published: 2019-06-14
Living in a Union Square Complex - Free Essay with a Problem-Solving Example
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Living at the Union Square Complex owned by the United Apartments has been exciting and comfortable. I have called the union square complex my home since early June this year. The cost of the extensive life of Central Michigan University is now cheap because of the accommodation appropriated by the properties at Mount Pleasant. Some of the reasons I enjoy accommodation at the union square complex is the availability if free high speed internet, access to cable TV, and access to free bus shuttle services. Other services offered by the apartments include reliable air conditioning, laundry centers, and unique units within the apartments. However, with all the positive aspects of the apartments, the issue o hallway noise can reduce ones comfort. The reason for writing this letter is to point out this issue and suggest some solutions. This will go a long way in ensuring that the lives of the residents, I included, are made much better. This will also ensure that the accommodation environment favors study routines.

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Some of the solutions that can help in the reduction of noise at the apartments include the dampening of sound on the walls, windows, and doors. This suggestion involves putting in place infrastructure in the apartments that would limit the spread of noise from one room to the next. The dampers also ensure that the noise stays at the hallway rather than reaching the students in their rooms. Another suggestion is that the managements at the apartment can also introduce measures such as rules that limit noise levels at the apartments. These rules would be observed strictly. If anyone is found to break these rules, they would face certain stringent measures. The third suggestion is the introduction of noise meters. These will ensure that the residents at the apartments can identify when they are making too much noise for other residents. Having feedback as to the amount of noise that one is creating would help in ensuring that the residents have the initiative in reducing their own noise levels.

The best solution to this problem is the dampening of the walls, doors, and windows of certain rooms within the apartment. The reasoning behind this is that dampening of rooms to reduce the entry of noise from the hallway can be expensive. However, this can be done for certain room. This will help in accommodating students who prefer their quiet. Accepting reality means realizing that the hallways will be noisy most of the time. This is because of the age group accommodated by the apartment. Therefore, it would be out of place not to accommodate the wishes of individuals who may want to express themselves noisily, no matter how disturbing it may be. The advantage of dampening rooms is that it gives room to the loud residents to live their lives without interfering with the lives of those who want to live in a quiet environment. This strategy allows all the residents to feel comfortable without the need for infringing on the rights of other residents.

There may be objections to the suggested solution. For instance, one may cite the cost of dampening rooms as an impediment to the ideology. This is because the material that is used in the dampening of rooms is often expensive. Maintaining such a room to the expected quality is also thought to be both expensive and tedious. Another reason one may want to object this suggestion is that dampening of rooms may increase the cost of accommodation at the apartments. This means that the apartments may eventually lack residents and therefore reduce the apartments income. Another reasoning that may differ from the suggestion is that dampening of rooms eradicates the reality of college life from the students residing in such rooms. This is an ideology that a psychologist may hold. The idea here is that one needs to go through every stage in life and accept all the advantages and disadvantages associated with each stage. Therefore, according to this theory, living in a noisy apartment while in college is perfectly okay. Therefore, dampening of the rooms to cushion the residents from noise would do more harm than good.

While the arguments raised against the suggested solution of dampening the rooms in the apartments are legit, they are not entirely true. For instance, the cost of dampening the rooms can be reduced by ensuring not all rooms are dampened. This will limit the costs involved in buying the materials and installing them. The maintenance of the rooms will also be affordable as a result of limiting the number of rooms. This will in turn result in minimal increase in cost of accommodation. The fact that only certain rooms in the apartment will be dampened will also mean that only those rooms will have a different pricing in comparison to the others. The ideology that everyone has to accept their stage of growth and thus the noise in the hallways is ridiculous. People have different taste and pet peeves. Therefore, giving them a choice with regards to their environments and the noise around them will make their lives much easier and comfortable. Kindly consider my suggestion; this will go a long way in ensuring a serene environment for students who wish to focus on their studies.


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