Interpersonal Communication Essay Example for You

Published: 2022-02-16
Interpersonal Communication Essay Example for You
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Interpersonal communication gets construed as the process in which individuals manage and create their relationships, exercising the mutual responsibility to produce the desired meaning. People communicate daily through various ways such as using gestures, speaking, listening et cetera, without analyzing what they say or what they want to say. Also, the concepts of interpersonal communication allow people to communicate and resolve daily problems in their lives potentially. Therefore, the paper is premised on a discussion regarding the interpersonal communication concepts such as conflict resolution, listening and problem-solving, from the movie, Parenthood.

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Background on Conversation

Parenthood features numerous conflicts between the characters and the nature of the disputes vary as well as how the characters react in resolving the disputes that arise. Karen and Gill are the main characters of the film who often face many disagreements as every couple does. However, the most significant conflict between the two arises when Gill gets fired from his job, and Karen informs him on the same day that is expectant. Being in an irritable state, the news that Karen had availed to Gill brought no joy to him. Instead, Gill reacts negatively towards Karen making her feel as if he never wanted the baby. The action created a discomforting communication climate between them, and Karen thought that she was not appreciated making her defence mechanism to be activated. The duo begins arguing and shouting at each other about the severity of their losses due to the unexpected baby. They react to the incident with inconsistent direct aggression (verbally insulting and attacking each other) making the issue to be amplified but not resolved.

First Major Concept

With the depicted movie summary, the first primary concept to be analyzed is the listening concept. People often encounter difficulties in their daily lives, and they always find ways of solving them. The case for Gill is understandable, but the way he approached Karen after she had disclosed to him the news was unpleasing. They could have both sat to listen to each other's point maturely to find solutions of Karen's pregnancy and Gill's job. Failing to listen to the other party often creates great disagreements and misunderstandings due to anger and aggression that might be uncontrollable.

Second Major Concept

The other concept to analyze is the conflict resolution concept. Gill would have examined his emotions after getting fired knowing that he had a wife at home. As well, knowing that Gill had lost his job, Karen would have chosen to withhold the pregnancy news until later when the emotional turbulence of Gill had settled. Also, she could have been more understanding and supportive towards Gill's decision as empathy in most scenarios, contributes highly to a favorable relational climate. Accepting each other's emotions and comparing ourselves with them might make them feel more cared and valued about. The action then encourages the couple to open up to one another making communication to be more effective.

Third Major Concept

The other concept to be analysed is the problem-solving concept. To achieve a satisfying solution to the problems of Gill and Karen, they should have opted to discuss their issue later peacefully and calmly to adopt the assertive communication style. They should allow themselves to express their feelings and thoughts directly regarding the issue and finding a possible solution or coming up with a win-win solution. They should respect one another while discussing and focus on a problem-oriented finding in a manner that the needs of both parties are satisfied and making arrangements that might make everyone feel like a winner.


In conclusion, people encounter different problems and situations that make them feel unwanted or rejected. However, they should always concentrate on the impact they will cause to their loved ones or people close to them. As depicted in the film, Gill and Karen had problems, but they had different approaches in solving them. The analysed concepts are listening, problem-solving and conflict resolution that might have assisted in resolving the issues of Gill and Karen more maturely and peacefully. Thus, when the ideas are adhered to, effective communication will always be guaranteed.

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