Free Essay Describing Social Media Impact

Published: 2022-08-22
Free Essay Describing Social Media Impact
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Over the years, communication has been the back born of passing information from one person to another. This was made possible by the use of horns, drums, and smoke by the ancient people. Following the revolution, the need to establish advanced and better means of communication has led to the establishment of free forms and platforms of communication to enhance the swift flow of information. These platforms are referred to as the social institution of media compromising of Facebook, tweeter, Instagram, teen magazines, Google and Wikipedia. Social refers to an association with people through the exchange of information while media refers to a tool of communication such as the internet. Social media are the net-based communication tools which help people to exchange information such as videos and photos with each other, and the data can be social, politically or economically oriented. People interact with social media by use of computers, tablets or smartphones.

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The rate at which society is using social media is increasing with time, and this has directly impacted positively and negatively on the daily lifestyle of the people as it is used on a regular basis affecting individuals both politically, socially and economically (Landes, 2015)

Political Impact

Social media provides a platform for campaigns and advertisements. Politicians use the platforms to inspire and instill confidence to the people while selling their agenda. Also, they use it to showcase their projects and as a channel of keeping checks and balances of the government and maintaining transparency. Activists use social media platforms to protest against corruption and injustices by politicians. The platform has also been used by several politicians to incite violence, clashes, and strikes which has affected the people (Powell, Groves, & Dimos, 2011).

Economic Impact

Social media is used to promote business through advertisement of products, research and building a strong relationship between customer and consumers, feedback on products and services are gathered via social media to improve service delivery. The use of e-commerce has enabled an increase in sales of goods and services as they circulate on social media for broader markets and better prices, consumers are provided with a choice to make on different sounds thanks to social media platforms. It has enabled the company to develop new, profitable and affordable strategies through feedback from the consumer. Due to addiction, social media has led to a reduction in productivity of the employees as many spent more time on the internet and less on their jobs (Kim, 2012)

Social Impact

Social media has made it easy for people to make new friends, keep in touch with their old friends and relatives over a long distance. They are able to share, compare and exchange information in form of pictures, words or symbols basing on the subject matter. Other platforms such as youtube, Facebook and Instagram serve as a source of recreation and entertainment through viewing and listening to music on these forums. It has enabled people from different countries to showcase the diversity in their cultures by posting their artefacts and other features of their communities. Education has been improved through interacting and sharing of academic information such as research, books, magazines through the social media, higher learning and professionalism advertisement increase research and skills to perform a trained procedure since confidentiality is built in the people. Despite the positive impact of social media, it has led to the invasion of privacy through hacking of the accounts and making of private information public, cyberbullying and online harassment are the major challenges on the social media as many people are abuse or use of abusive language to intimidate or threaten others. Posting of luxurious items often predisposes you to attacks as robbers also use the platform to identify and locate their targets. Excessive use of the internet has reduced attention and resulted in mental problems resulting from stress, this has also increased work output as breaks are allowed within the work period. Informed decisions on life and trending updates such as weather have enabled planning of daily activities and dressing code. The channel can also be used to spread false information with the purpose of taking advantage of the innocent, and a cause of breakups between loved ones. High incidence of immorality has been reported to be emanating from access to social media such as pornographic material and parent magazines restricted to the young due to absurd pictures. Social media has impacted on religion by providing online bibles and hosting counselling programs and motivational talks, the Christian doctrines, and information on law provide on the social media platform.


The social media is the basis of communication and sharing of information, its impacts to the society are a balance of positive and negative. Correct use of the platform attributes to the positivity of the effect to the community. The choice of social media depends on personal preference and the intent information to be obtained.


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