Paper Sample on the Competencies of Personnel Working within a Hospital Setting

Published: 2022-07-26
Paper Sample on the Competencies of Personnel Working within a Hospital Setting
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Competency 1 - Policies and regulations

Every organization should have healthcare policies and regulations. The personnel working within a hospital setting are guided by the existing policies, laws, and regulations to provide services and products to the patients. The policies, laws, and regulations have different effects on professionals working within hospitals.

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Organization: All the existing policies and laws, help an organization to maintain a positive image for its patients. When an organization is known to be adherent to the existing health policies and regulations, they are trusted by patients and the regulatory bodies. Also, the organization can work in collaboration with other hospitals to offer services to their patients. Insurance companies also, gain trust with the facility and collaborate more to offer the patients with affordable and quality services.

Interprofessional teams: When professionals observe the policies, laws, and regulations within a health facility, there is respect among them that is maintained. There is also honesty among the professionals working in particular departments.

Personal practice: Individual professionals gain more knowledge and skills through interacting with other professionals in their line of work. Observing the professional code of practice ensures that one advances in their careers within the medical facilities.

Changing the institutional policy of Aultman Hospital Ohio would improve the level of service offered to the patients. The proposed policy change includes having regular evaluations of nurses and doctors to establish their capacity to deliver quality services to the patients.

Competency 3 - Information technologies

Having patient data stored in computers would help to access them when the patients visit the facility easily. The proper storage of the medical files is also considered as a way of helping the doctors to attend to the patients during emergency quickly. A change in the policy of patient medical data storage would enhance the service delivery by both nurses and doctors. The policy change would include integrating the insurance coverage policies of the patients with their records. This would mean that whenever a patient visits the Aultman Hospital Ohio hospital, they would only be required to produce their identity and their records would be quickly pulled out. This is a technique that mostly involves the use of technology where the insurance company covering the medical bills of the patient are integrated with the personal information of the patient. Also, instead of having long queues in the hospital, the patients could make appointments with the doctors before-hand. The details of the patient would then be given to the doctor who would be ready to serve the patient instead of the waiting in long queues. The quality of services provided by the physicians and nurses would improve greatly.

Competency 4 - Professionalism

The competency of the personnel within Aultman Hospital Ohio should be regularly evaluated. This would be fundamental in establishing the ability of the personnel to provide high-quality services. Some metrics can be used to measure the level of competence of each of the personnel at different levels of professionalism.

Patients response: doctors can be evaluated on the number of patients that have recovered successfully in a given period. Doctors have the responsibility of treating patients so that they can recover from their health conditions. Therefore, surveying the number of patients that have successfully recovered can be used as an indicator of their effectiveness.

Attendance hours: The hours spent at work by the Aultman Hospital Ohio staff is a metric indicator of their ability to serve the patients effectively. All the staff should have a limit to the number of hours they should be working in a day. If the number of hours is below the minimum, then there should be a policy change to improve efficiency.

Competency 5 - Collaboration

Implementing new policies within the Aultman Hospital Ohio would require the collaboration of stakeholders such as the physicians and nurses. The Physicians and the nurses would be engaged in collaborative communication where decisions would be made regarding the execution of new policies. Additionally, the stakeholders would need training on how to effectively execute the policies within Aultman Hospital Ohio. Also, it would be recommended that all the stakeholders be involved in teamwork so that they can share ideas among themselves. The sharing of ideas would make it easy to select the most appropriate one which would then be executed to make the new policies effective.

Competency 6 - Communication

Communication is an important element o passing information within an institution. In Aultman Hospital Ohio, the physician and nurses would be required to have information about the new policy changes. The most effective communication strategy to employ would be to engage them in a meeting. During the meeting, the stakeholders would be briefed on the contents of the new policies. They would then be advised on how to implement the policies within the organization so that the quality of output may be improved. Further, it would be fundamental to give all the stakeholders a copy of the new policies. Having a copy would enable them to refer to the policies whenever necessary. Also, the stakeholders could receive a memo as a way of notifying other personnel within the Aultman Hospital Ohio facility.

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