Essay Example on Internships and Why Are They Significant

Published: 2019-06-05
Essay Example on Internships and Why Are They Significant
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Finding a dream job is not an easy task. Especially if you are a high school student and you have to make decisions that may determine your destiny. Competition on labor market is rather high nowadays. So starting your career development you should be enthusiastic about your job. How to make the right choice? In order not to become disillusioned with the job choice, there exist such opportunity for students as internship. With the help of internship students can discover their job priorities, test their skills and find out whether they enjoy this particular job or should start looking for another one. Besides high school students can make contacts with professionals and get to know the working culture of companies.

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Unfortunately a lot of young people after college graduation find themselves unemployed. How comes it? Employers like to see applicants that are sure of their choice, are career focused, take the initiative and show enthusiasm for the job they are applying. Employers try to find the talent they need to help their business grow. Be serious while taking the application and be ready to explain why you are interested in a career in the particular sector. When you are hesitating whether your job choice was wise, be sure that employers would be skeptical of your candidacy.

Internships provide the possibility to go into details of different business areas and to cooperate with other like-minded students. In such a way one can reveal all strengths, competencies and personal attributes and compete for the offered position. It is essential that a student should do research about the position requirements. Internship is a hard task, but there is no gain without pain. Its a training of confidence, mental flexibility and industriousness. Once you feel support in developing initiative you would make further steps firmly. Having no previous work experience is not a great obstacle. Every student has picked up some skills during other activities, for example extracurricular or relevant projects.

Internship is a contribution to the future, as internship programs can raise the chances of students acceptance while applying to college of their choice. Successful completing of the program can guarantee subsequent college internship with the same company and start of professional network building. Further it can lead to a full-time employment offer from the company you were interning at or another one. Having internships on the resume can be very helpful in getting a job after graduation. In fact internships help one to become more competitive throughout the course of life.

Internships help to plan out your time and learn self discipline. Certainly financial matter of internship shouldnt be underestimated, as today students are aware of economic pressures. The only risk is overloading that may lead to stress and performance decrement.

So there is no need to doubt the significance of internship. Its the best way to make a career path today and its a new way of interviewing the employees.

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