Essay Sample about Internet Marketing Plan for the Tournament

Published: 2019-11-18
Essay Sample about Internet Marketing Plan for the Tournament
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The marketing plan for the tournament will entail informing young people as well as the community on the need for living a healthy life and importance of refraining from drug use. Upon the success of the marketing plan, the community will manage to address the diverse obesity and substance abuse cases among young people and children. The plan will also encourage other members of the community to participate since they serve as victims of the situation either indirectly or directly. Furthermore, they will manage to learn various things concerning the need of adopting a healthy lifestyle to ensure they live productive lives. In this sense, it will be possible to instill a sense of healthy lifestyle among the diverse members of the community irrespective of their age.

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In advertising the tournament, we shall launch a website, which will provide details concerning the event. We shall also utilize the social media site, Facebook, to create a page about the event. The social media page will allow its followers to gain significant information regarding the event. They can also interact with various individuals who show wiliness to share information concerning what is taking place in the tournament. Additionally, we shall use Google, which will serve as our primary tool to support our advertising initiative. Here, we shall focus our efforts on SEO to support our marketing efforts.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that the process of selecting keywords is vital in any Internet marketing campaign. Thus, in our marketing plan, we shall select keywords relevant to the event as well as those that can allow the event to rank on top of search engine results. The major keywords we shall utilize comprise of healthy community living, drug abuse free life, curbing drug abuse, obesity in children and youth, socialization activities, and community health. We shall mostly utilize multi-word phrases since they are normally less competitive and make it easy for our clients to reach the website easily.

When marketing anything through the Internet, it is vital to lay emphasis on the content. The content should appeal to the users as well as provide them with relevant information concerning the services they need. In our case, we shall focus on developing amazing and helpful content. The content we shall publish we emphasize on the need for adopting a healthy living through addressing the issue of drug and substance abuse. We shall also post content that provides information on the dangers affiliated with obesity and the ideal ways of eradicating it, especially in the case of young children. It is also vital to realize that exercising generosity plays a crucial role in welcoming the participation of the users. Hence, we shall focus on providing our customers with information and access tools to the website, which will earn our organization inbound links to improve our rankings in search engines.

In addition, a call-for-action would play an essential role in encouraging our target audience to participate in the tournament. We shall focus on providing them with valuable things that will encourage our clients to exchange their contact information. Even though it might not be possible to realize increased traffic instantly, an attractive call-to-action, such as providing freebies will encourage users to share contact information as well as spread the word to other individuals who might be willing to participate in the tournament. We shall also follow up the calls-to-action, which will further boost the morale of persons to participate in the event.

In making sure that we are in line with our Internet marketing campaign, we shall lay significant emphasis on experimentation. We shall adopt a strategy depending on the distinct health needs of our customers. Rather than just focusing on the keywords, we shall also focus on imposing changes through undertaking a comprehensive Internet analysis. This technique will allow us to realize what strategy works appropriately in the case of the tournament. Furthermore, we will link our Facebook page to the website to ensure that customers can gain access to our social media community quickly and gain more information on the existing trends about the event.

Our target market for the marketing plan will comprise of children, youths, and parents. In the case of children, the plan will target reducing cases of obesity to allow them to live healthy and productive lives. As for the youth, the marketing plan will avail details concerning the need for team building, fitness programs, and socializing events while at the same time encouraging them to participate in competitive games. For parents, the plan will market seminars that they can attend to allow them to assist their children in refraining from cases of drug abuse as well as gain information on how to eliminate obesity.

In advertising for the event through the internet, we anticipate incurring several expenses. To begin with, for instance, we shall invest in the development of our website, which will amount to approximately $100. Upon the development of the website, we shall also need content writers, who will be responsible for writing appealing content regarding the event. We anticipate spending around $100 to pay our content writers. In addition, we shall incur costs of hosting the website to ensure our audiences can access the site when they need any information regarding the event. The cost of hosting the site will amount to about $50. Additionally, we shall hire a social media manager whose role will be to coordinate the interactions on the Facebook page as well as respond to any concerns raised regarding the event.

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