Essay Sample Describing Fire Management Personnel

Published: 2022-09-08
Essay Sample Describing Fire Management Personnel
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During incidences of fire tragedies, fire responders play a vital role to the affected communities. Fire responders can be paid or on a volunteer basis (Loyd, & Richardson, 2014). There are so many career fields related to fire services. This paper looks at the requirements of a fire safety inspector and fire marshal.

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Fire safety inspector

Fire safety inspectors play an essential role in saving lives and properties from fire disasters by developing means of preventing the catastrophes. Together with the city code agencies and fire departments working with constructing trades in ensuring the building safety ethics are embraced and implemented. Majority of the fire safety Inspectors work for the fire departments. Others work in insurance firms or offices associated with property law and damage assessment. They assess and point out potential life safety hazards in the buildings. After inspection, they issue a report including what is supposed to be corrected.

There are various requirements of becoming a fire inspector profession. One is not necessarily supposed to be a college degree holder. In the United States, the bureau of labor statistics (BLS) requires at least one to bear experience in firefighting. Applicants with knowledge in post-secondary training in fire science have higher advantage.

One needs to be familiar with state and federal building codes and the fire safety regulations. This will enable one to know the conditions under which fire start and spread. A fire inspector requires one to have firefighting tactics and be in a position to use and operate firefighting equipment.

Many employers also consider if one has some training in fire protection engineering or related architectural field. This training enhances skills revolving firefighting commitment. The inspector is now able to learn strategies governing building codes and abilities on compliance inspection. Knowledge of the legal procedure after a property is found substandard is also a requirement.

To fit in any fire service job, one requires perfect physical and mental fitness. Physical fitness leads to improved job performance as it prevents one from the risk of danger or injury. Mental fitness enables fire inspectors to stay focused on any given responsibility.

Fire Marshal

To reduce instances of the devastating outcomes of the inferno, experienced personnel is employed. A fire marshal is another vital member of a fire department whose role involves fire safety and training. Their primary responsibility is to enforce the fire safety code. In implementing, they look for hazards through inspection and make sure that buildings are well maintained (Goss, & Adams, 2007). They also investigate the fire and arson incidences hence work closely with the police. Fire marshals analyze and report fire accident data. For establishments that contain fire hazards, fire marshals can shut them down until they comply with the state fire codes. In promoting and developing the principles of fire safety services, marshals cooperate with members of the public.

One of the critical requirements of a fire marshal is to have a vast experience in firefighting. A few years experience in a fire department is a fulfilling requirement. A high school degree is required for a fire marshal applicant. A candidate should also pass all examinations meant to evaluate their general knowledge and fitness.

BLS in the United States requires that prospective candidates attend formal science school to study law enforcement and forensics. Candidates need knowledge in gathering and marking evidence to brief the public.

Once hired, fire marshals are supposed to pass a state exam to become certified marshal. Good communication is a job-related skill that candidates should possess. To quickly find ways of improving fire safety and to discover the fire causes, fire marshals need analytical and critical thinking skills.


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