Paper Example. International Disaster and Perspectives

Published: 2023-08-21
Paper Example. International Disaster and Perspectives
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Regardless of whether the United States is considered one of the most developed countries and a superpower globally, it faces challenges in terms of disaster management and control just like any other country. It experiences delays and poor coordination and responses to some of the international disaster control. The primary purpose of this paper is to discuss two significant problems associated with the United States based on disaster response and coordination at the international level.

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Major Problems

United has experienced major disasters that needed immediate effective response measures based on the effects and impacts it had on the environment and American society. These disasters are either natural, or human-associated activities that lead to a standstill of economic activities, destruction of properties, health effects, and loss of life. Some of these disasters are Hurricane Katrina, Deepwater Horizon Oilspilage, and the California Wildfires outbreak. The significant problems the United States faces while addressing these disasters are information sharing and coordination among the stakeholders.

The Rationale for the Problems and Solutions

During the period of disasters, information sharing plays a critical role and determines the efficiency of responsive strategies to be put forward to address the challenge. For instance, sharing of relevant, accurate, proportionate, and adequate information on time reduces the risk of losses and damages (Park & Johnston,2019). During the Deepwater Horizon crisis, the sharing of inaccurate information by the CEO of the company led to an increased rate of damages and subsequent event occurrence. It also prevented the concerned rescue team, and relevant organizations lack where to start and measure the extent of the damage. The main solution to addressing challenges related to information sharing is that the national government should monitor and regulate information sharing in each sector and establish a point of weakness, and this should be made a priority before issuing a working permit for the organizations.

Disaster response and control significantly rely on coordination among stakeholders. For instance, Hurricane Katrina had a universal effect on health, economy, and the environment. Therefore, it calls for multiple organizations to pull resources together to contain the situation. Still, most of the efforts and responsibilities are addressed by the disaster management team alone, thus creating a problem in the United States to provide such kind of catastrophes. Problems related to coordination should be addressed by establishing a proper channel of communication network and information sharing.

International Disaster Relief Organizations in the United States

United States has multiple international organizations that address issues and challenges related to disaster management and the provision of emergency relief services to the victims. The most dominant organization within American society are the American Red Cross and World Vision. Regardless of providing similar services, they differ on extent and priorities. World Vision usually addresses Christian flowers in affected regions since it is a Christian Humanitarian based organization. It mobilizes and provides recovery activities to its follower through the volunteering process. The American Red Cross is aimed at easing and helping disaster-related problems within society through the provision of basic needs such as shelter, medicine, and food regardless of denomination.

In conclusion, disaster response and emergency teams play an acritical role in reducing the extent of damages. Both international disaster relief organizations provide essential services to the victims, the American Red Cross plays a significant role since the address and focuses on all victims equally regardless of denomination, unlike World Vision.


Park, C. H., & Johnston, E. (2019). Determinants of collaboration between digital volunteer networks and formal response organizations in catastrophic disasters. International Journal of Organization Theory & Behavior.

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