Integrity and Honesty: The Essential Foundations for a Fulfilling Life - Free Essay Example

Published: 2024-01-29
Integrity and Honesty: The Essential Foundations for a Fulfilling Life - Free Essay Example
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Integrity can only be realized when individuals manage to portray a high level of honesty in their undertakings. There is a great need, to tell the truth, and work in the morally right way, and this means that people must work hard, considering that it is challenging to maintain high standards. Integrity can be termed as the element of being honest and managing to adopt high levels of moral principles. In the normal world, it is impossible to remain truthful without telling lies, considering that sometimes people tell lies without knowing. It may happen when they are joking with their friends, and they may engage in lies that are probably expected to entertain and not cause harm. It is an indication that it is not purely possible to remain truthful all the time. Human beings are not immortal, and they are likely to fall into temptations and engage in undesirable behaviors without their knowledge.

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It is important to note that there is a great difference between being honest and managing to portray a significant level of integrity in life. According to Carter, there is a chance that human beings may be honest and yet fail to realize a desired level of integrity in their life. When interacting with people, there is a need to have an element of commitment and fulfillment of all the promises made. It is a move that will create trust, a desire to create a conducive and favorable interaction amongst people in a community.

Some of the measures that can be undertaken to maintain integrity all the time include an individual engaging in self-reflection and knowing their areas of weakness, for this will offer the details on the life adjustments that they are supposed to undertake. Asking hard questions is a move that presents an opportunity to know the areas in which an individual is not acting in the right way. There is a great need for a person to monitor the way that they have been fair with others, the manner in which they have been taking their sense of duty, and the self-control measures that they are undertaking.

There is no way that human beings can manage to tell white lies and still manage to portray elements of integrity. Any person who tends to fall wayward and engage in behavioral activities that are not favorable to everyone is termed as having lacked the desired level of integrity in their life. Any person who is living in denial, and they are lying to themselves that they are in a certain state which they are not is termed as lacking integrity in their life (Carter, 1996). Addicts to various forms of materials, such as drugs and the internet also lack integrity in their life. Therefore, it is an indication that a high level of honesty is needed for an individual to be termed as being a person of integrity.

When determining the level to which integrity is essential to integrity, their relationship should be scrutinized, and it can be claimed that rigorous honesty is needed for integrity to be realized. There is a need for truth to prevail all the time, and this should be combined with what has been proved to be right in the working process. Therefore, according to Carter, it is important to state that there is a high chance of an individual being honest but lacking integrity though it is not possible to have integrity without the elements of honesty.


Carter, S. 1996. The Insufficiency of Honesty. Atlantic Monthly, Feb. 1996, p.74-76.

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