Essay Sample on Importance of Business Sustainability

Published: 2023-01-28
Essay Sample on Importance of Business Sustainability
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Business sustainability can be referred to as the ability to manage and coordinate all the environmental activities by meeting all the financial and social requirements that make the organizations responsible either socially, economically, politically, and culturally. Many organizations have recently designed the most appropriate techniques to ensure that their operations run within the scope of its goals and objectives (Lozano & Haartman, 2018). This include by either maintaining the level of the company or making realistic and planned success goals. Additionally, creating an organization sustainable will mean that there are limited losses whose sources can profoundly be explained.

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Dassault Systems Software Company SE

Dassault systems SE company is software compare in France ranked the first, globally after its evaluation in 2018 on how it sustains its workers, and all other parties within and outside its environment (Hubert, 2018). The company is a public organ, controlled partly by the government of France. Amusingly, sustainability ranking report released in the year 2017 placed the same company in the eleventh position globally, hence improvement to the first position remains a point of motivation and interest of study. For this reason, this study aims at evaluating the company and explaining in details how and what the company did to boost its sustainability to outshine all other popular worldwide known companies like Autodesk Inc., and Cisco Systems Inc. found in United States of America (Hubert, 2018).

Employee Engagement

Most previous studies have stated that the company's success must first begin with the concept of cooperate social responsibility, CSR. Become socially responsible must target employees, as they are the building blocks of any organization (Zarka et l., 2019). Without the employees, Dassault Systems Company could not be existing, if the side of its performance is eliminated. For this reason, having enough employees who can run all the activities of the firm has become the essential approach for any organization to improve its sustainability. Considering this is the perspective of Dassault comp., statistical data released in 2018, by the world labor organizations showed that the company has a total of 11, 494 workers in one organization (Zarka et l., 2019). However, no case has been since reported for employee mistreatment. Thus it is assumed may many researchers that, their salaries and additional benefits are paid well (Systemes, 2018). Choosing an average number of employees who are not too few to cover all the duties, neither too many to load up the expenses in no return is very important, as it helps the company to balance off its costs and income appropriately. This is on one possible reason as to why Dassault System Company outshined others in the market very fast in a year (Systemes, 2018).

Financial Management Plans

In reality, hard-work and determination of the entire managerial body of a business may not be an apparent and default factor for measuring the success of an organization. It, therefore, calls for more attention to be granted after becoming socially and culturally responsive to the surrounding environment. Financial accounting, which is a specified section of an organization's body that controls and tracks all the financial transactions that are incurred by anybody. In the modern world, companies with competent financial departments usually record, summarize, and present reports inform of balance sheets for every fiscal year or agreed period (Class, 2016). The main aim of doing this is to minimize the losses from the net income of the company, and ensure that company development remains the top priority.

Dassault Systems Company in France has proved to be so accountable with its generated annual income. 2018 comprehensive annual financial report by Dassault Company indicated in the part of its introduction that the company had realized a considerable profit in that year due to the availability of competent managerial accounting team which also includes the budget reports, cost analysis reports. The main aim of the department was to ensure that Dassault lowered its material costs and labor costs, by improving its economies of scale continentally. With integrity and trustworthy in the company, it realized a total of EUR16.973 billion (Eynard et al. 2006). It can thus be anticipated that the sustainability of the company originated from the point of having ethical core value like trustworthy and integrity in the accounting team, that minimized possible misuse of the income, making unrealistic expenses and spending too low below the expected amount, as all these are hindrance factor to the success of an organization's sustainability (Zambon, 2016).

Measurement and Certification

The beginning of a company's success all begins with it set clear and transparent goals which are in line with the company's net income, number of employees and size of the organization (Yadava & Sinha, 2016). No one can manage what is not designed; it will resemble like walking in the dark, where an individual neither knows what is in his front or back. For the Assault Company, its main goal as stated in their template was to provide persons and with a vast level of experiences referred to as 3DEXPERINECE, who can effectively design for sustainable innovations and inventions in realities to nature of the environment and life (Systemes, 2018). Using this approach, the company is seen propelling in the topmost position in the year 2018, be the most sustainable company globally. It merely means that goals and objectives are an excellent tool for measuring success when an organization measures its goals correctly, then its achievement becomes so simple. Siemens AG, in Germany, was seen to fall in their sustainability level possibly because they had over-ambitious goals that they failed to achieve within the speculated time. However, Nestej Oyj in Finland And Valeo SA in France are among other most improved organizations that did their measurement of the goals right and achieved them with ease.


In conclusion, as world's leading companies are striving to adjust and apply the highlighted strategies and standards of making their firms more sustainable for development, it is vital for them to know that the principles of sustainability will increase their opportunities and lower the rate of negative impact resulting from different areas, either inside or out of the company.


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