Essay Sample on College Advert Poster

Published: 2019-07-18
Essay Sample on College Advert Poster
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The task of selecting an advert poster for my college hangs heavily on my neck. A shoddy poster might attract shoddy students; the party animals, the plagiarists and the likes. A poster that is well designed, right details at the right places, captivating pictures of the college and word that arouse interest will highly attract the hungry academicians, the nerds and erudite et al. With such a poster you can be sure to breed students that will make your college famous for eons to come. Armed with this in mind, I got this huge responsibility of picking an advert poster that will grasp the attention of the hungry students to get hopefully an interest in our college.

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The two posters convey a message about Schiller University, albeit differently. On one hand, we come across a message on the first poster that oozes formality and seriousness about it; something that will firmly hold your attention and demand that you grab a drink and ponder about it. On the other hand the second poster is something that I will come across, take a glance and walk away without serious thought of it. If I were a student at the crossroads of which college to go to and I came across this kind of poster, there is a high chance I wouldnt give a second thought of the college in question.

As a student, my attention will be fixed on the words and pictures and phrases on any advert poster. Words and phrases that you can hum to when you are idle; that make your brain their home. The pictures should be able to make me want to book a flight and visit the place. They should be breathtaking and serene. The first poster has the right mix of pictures and words. The pictures are sort of like faces to the words. The poster also tells you the various locations of the university around the world so that you can be able to make the most convenient selection depending on your location. There is an option of online learning for those who would opt to study without attending classes. The introductory phrase Travel your way through college is prominently and conspicuously placed in the poster. It conveys a message of easiness with learning in the college. It makes learning seem like an adventure for those who enroll at the college.

The second poster lacks a visual captivity essential for any poster. First impressions matter a lot. As a student, you would like to know how the college looks like. No picture of the college exists, just scribbled phrases that are not even legible. There is no tidiness in the poster either. The scribbled words are cancelled out like the poster designer was not sure of the message to convey. And the logo Travel your way through college is hidden down at the edge of the poster. Such logo should be clearly conspicuous as it conveys an important message about the college. The locations of the college are not comprehensively spelt out in this poster.

I would choose the first poster for our college recruitment. The words are clearly legible and capture most aspects of the college, its locations for instance. The poster also has an impressive visual appeal owing to the pictures of the various college locations in different parts of the world. The poster also has an aura of seriousness and formality about it that appeals to students who want an institution that is committed to delivering and impart quality knowledge.

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