Free Essay Sample on Inspiration for Writers

Published: 2017-07-07
Free Essay Sample on Inspiration for Writers
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Writing is such a beautiful tool that can be utilized in a myriad of ways. I consider myself a creative individual, I play piano, guitar, draw, paint, take photos, and write poetry. I often find that it is difficult to sit down and force myself to write a short story or poem; I let inspiration come to me. In this day and age, teens and young adults are bombarded by various forms of media every single day. It is impossible to wake up and go out without seeing some sort of advertisement whether it be on a billboard, ads that pop up on Instagram or Twitter, or on shopping carts at grocery stores. Media is everywhere, and it is easy to get caught up in this virtual whirlwind. Three things I like to do to find inspiration for writing are going outside, painting, or watching the way people interact.

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Going outside is a way to refresh your mind and get back to nature. I love watching sunsets or sunrises, going to the beach is a sort of inspiration as well. The waves crescendoing back and forth on the sand creative such a calming atmosphere, one that I think promotes creativity. You never know what sites you will see when you are strolling along outside; birds calling to each other, the grass waving nonchalantly over foothills, rain pelting down on car windows, street lights on a dewy morning the possibilities are quite numerous.

Painting is a way to get your brain working and your creativity flowing. I took a few art classes last summer and my professor taught about abstract artists, such as Georgia O`Keeffe. Georgia O`Keeffe has a painting called Music Pink and Blue (See Figure 1) which was inspired by her love of classical music. Painting abstractly comes from the soul, and it is something that can not be described with familiar shapes and lines. I am no stellar painter like Georgia O`Keeffe or Jackson Pollock, but I do find that stroking a brush across a canvas with no particular vision in your mind can be very freeing. If you let the lines speak to you, you have just created your own story, and thus the inspiration for your next writing.

Watching people interact might be one of my favorite ways to find inspiration for writing. I love sitting in coffee shops just observing the people who come in and out and trying to figure out their stories. I enjoy traveling through airports and watching people hurry about, knocking over luggage to make their flight, watching lovers kiss before they have to tearfully depart, and imagining what the loud couple is arguing about as they get on the plane. Noticing the dynamics and interactions between other people could spark a memory in your own head on when you had a fight with someone you love or when you had to say a hard goodbye.

Finding inspiration for writing does not have to be stressful or difficult; simply go out and enjoy your surroundings. Take a walk on the beach, watch the sunset, or get out your brushes and paint. It`s all about taking that first step, start setting aside a day each week where you can go out and enjoy nature or set up your easel and paint once a week. When you go out, always be aware of your surroundings and the interactions between the people you see every day. If you follow these three steps, you will be surprised how easily the writing comes.

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