Nursing Essay Sample on the Bedside Skin Nurses' Champions Program

Published: 2019-12-02 20:47:43
Nursing Essay Sample on the Bedside Skin Nurses' Champions Program
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Evidence synthesis

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From the literature review, it is evident that the development of the bedside skin nurses' Champions program improves care delivery. The use of evidence-based practice on the preventive measures as an approach is a training program effective in creating awareness and equipping the nurses with knowledge. The evidence-based practice offers the best training on preventive measures Roe, & Williams, 2014). The evidence that the approach is effective is the training programs. According to (Beinlich, & Meehan, 2014) having program based projects is the key approach to many problems facing the health care setup. Most of the problems encountered in the healthcare are eliminated stepwise from a group initiative.

Regarding the interventions for improved care delivery, the development of the bedside skin nurses Champions program improves care delivery, is the best intervention for a continued change practice. Among the interventions used in the bedside delivery care, conformational positioning of the patient is the best approach for prolonged delivery care (Brennan, Laconti, & Gilchrist, 2014). The device aid positioning of patients is one of the conformational positioning guidelines for improved care delivery. Device-related pressure ulcers intervention is what the project addresses. The devices used to position the patient, mobilize their rest is an approach towards improved care delivery. Medical devices provide a good platform for controlling the incidence of developing pressure ulcers (Pittman et al. 2015).

Additionally, there are factors associated with medical-device related HAPU (Murray et al. 2013). These factors are more related to poor management and inadequate information concerning the problem. For instance, according to the literature review, we have seen pressure ulcers developing in the ambulatory setting. Other factors include cost, physical and emotional suffering (Murray et al. 2013). Having knowledgeable professionals of these factors in this project is what has propelled the prolonged improved care delivery by the bedside skin nurses. For the improved care delivery, skilled professionalism is what has contributed to a good outcome. According to Paull, skill in the practice is what serves best before any intervention (Paull, et al. 2013). The bedside skin nurses champions show competencies in the approach for quality care delivery.

Integration of preventive measures is another approach for improved care delivery. According to the literature review, use of protective heel caps is one of the steps in preventing pressure ulcers (Rajpaul, & Acton, 2016). The integration of these mechanisms by the bedside nurses provides quality care delivery. Other preventive measures are information concerning risk factors. Reduction of hospital stay is a defensive mechanism employed in the quality delivery care (Bry, Buescher, & Sandrik, 2012). Improvised mobility is another way of reducing the chance of developing pressure ulcers. According to the research in the literature review, a preventive mechanism is what gives an improved quality care.

The hospital informatics also plays a role in quality delivery care. The data collected not basically for research purpose but also storage of patient's data is essential when planning and budgeting are needed (Cho, et al. 2013). The prevalence rate of developing pressure ulcers is what will determine the quality of services. 0% incidence is what indicates that improved care delivery is fully initiated in the healthcare (Cho, et al. 2013).

Theoretical framework

The theoretical framework for this project comes from Dr. Patricia Benner. According to Benner, acquiring knowledge is the most powerful expertise in the nursing career (Masters, 2012). She proposes that what is most important in the field is the development of skills and understanding of patient care which is a process that follows experience. Again improved quality care and practice depend on experience which is a progressive process (Masters, 2012). The clinical competence, therefore, will depend on the duration of patient involvement. Acquisition of skills is what gives the expertise in the field of nursing and offers support to improved patient care (Masters, 2012). The relationship between the experienced nurses and a novice nurse is that the novice nurse is supposed to acquire skills from the experienced staffs.

The project should, therefore, utilize the experienced nurses to train the novice nurses. In knowledge acquisition in the expertise, similar knowledge is not shared among all practitioners and so the project will ensure sharing among the experienced nurses. Utilization of the experienced nurses in the project will ensure that recommendations and updates are well utilized to impact change in the practice.

Regarding the level of experience required in the project, a five year of experience in practice will be needed. Five years experienced nurse has the capacity to have encountered some HAPU cases. Also, within the five years of practice, they have the basic skills to handle new cases that are related to wound treatment and prevention. The implementing change will, therefore, be easier when nurses who have practiced for five years.

Practice recommendation

From the evidence, there are several effective approaches towards the practice problem. One of the approaches is streamlined administration. The administration has a key role in effective changes when solving a problem (Bry, Buescher, & Sandrik, 2012). The management involvement in the practice change will contribute towards planning and budgeting. Another effective approach is the use of preventive measures. Regarding pressure ulcers, the preventive measures are the use of devices that prevent immobility and heel protectors.

Concerning the effective approaches, management is another evidence-based approach (Beinlich, & Meehan, 2014). In management, the nurses have the power to initiate a progressive change in the practice. In their initiative, the steps should be involving to other professionals like surgeons. Another approa...

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