Innovative Team - Free Essay in Management

Published: 2022-05-25 23:37:38
Innovative Team - Free Essay in Management
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Colleague one

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It is important to note that innovative team not only requires vision, energy, and good judgment but also proper leadership, effective collaboration, and proper planning. An innovative team must know how to foster or bring new ideas, take action, incorporate effective communication skills as well as embrace change. A good innovative team must, first of all, understand the firm's goal and vision (Cohn, Katzenbatch & Vlak, 2008). They have to understand what an organization is trying to achieve. Motivating the employees helps in increasing the quality and quantity of production and the motivation ought to be done in form remuneration, wards, pensions and so forth. It is also important to identify the clients' preferences rather than sticking with the existing state of affairs. Customers are the main stakeholders in any business thus their preferences must be valued and addressed to maintain a better relationship.

Managers should also convene regular meeting with the employees to encourage, get new ideas and feedback from them. Such meeting helps in improving customer loyalty and making adjustments in the organization. The manager should also play a critical role in evaluating the organizational work since this helps in achieving the organizational through assessing what has been done and what is left pending and what additional resources are needed to complete the remaining tasks. It is also important to benchmark and have networks with other firms dealing in the same line of products or services. As a manager, it is vital to foster clients' preferences and good customer-employees relationship to ensure customers' satisfaction is accomplished (Cohn, Katzenbatch & Vlak, 2008). Effective Communication among the employees, customers, and managerial is significant since it aids to obtaining new innovative ideas.

Colleague two

Running a dealership targeted to bring forward a new client loyalty program require particular measures which would foster the innovation. In as far as I am concerned; I would first start by engaging all the employees in the organization through convening regular meetings to obtain their different ideas in regards to the new innovation (Ctamull, 2008). The engagement would also encompass establishment of cross positional teams which would bring forth new ideas. Secondly, I would generate an innovation and creativity plan after which develop an action plan which would develop and support creativity and innovation. Subsequently, it is vital to incorporate an auto-dealership which would bring together persons from different groups to sit around the table and begin formulating the new ideas. The team must understand the industry before executing the customer loyalty program, for example, the vision and goals.

The manager should also encourage peer or mentors networks as part of the customer loyalty program to increase team work engagement (Ctamull, 2008). This helps the staff to collaborate their ideas and increases the chance of getting everyone involved in the process. The groups must be broken down to sub-specialties to versatile the program's goal. It is also important to emphasize that team effort and team's goal are the most significant aspects as opposed to individual or personal goals. The emphasis would help to strengthen the team and create as much innovative ideas as possible. Customers' engagement is also paramount. The industry through the manager must find out what interest the customers via getting their views. This would enable the team to come up with a program which will benefit both the firm and thee customers.


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