Religion Essay Sample: Daoism, Confucianism, Judaism, Christianity

Published: 2019-05-23
Religion Essay Sample: Daoism, Confucianism, Judaism, Christianity
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Daoism and Confucianism

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Wu Wei means that people should act according to nature; that is, acting according to the order. It is the non-action for the superfluous things. There are some benefits that society gets from practicing the principle of Wu Wei. The societys members will have good faith by following the golden rule. This means that the community members will act in ways that benefit the entire society. It advocates for putting into action the service and hospitality concepts to other people and bringing the best out of them. This involves striving towards the best and focusing on reciprocity. It enables the society to exercise propriety, the rightful behavior, rectification of moral values, the uncrossed hierarchy of roles and understanding social relations lines. The young get to respect their elderlies including their parents as honor and loyalty. This creates a society built on moral values thus successful thriving of the community. The principle brings out the use of power in a responsible way. It enables the community members to be treated judiciously, where power is not used for individual gain. Actions of disciplines rendered not from being angry but to shape a society whose members acts in the best interest of their colleagues.

Wu Wei is usually described as being part of nature, it asserts that one should never fight nature but instead follow the natures rule and course. Following this principle enables one to be in harmony with nature, an example of the application of Wu Wei is when you ride the bicycle in motion, you should let the momentum do the work. If you interfere with the process and tilt the bike, it is likely to lose momentum and can lead to your falling. You should only intervene when require. Otherwise, nature should take its course of momentum.

The main differences between Orthodox and Reform Judaism

One of the fundamental differences between the two religions is the Torah approach. Orthodox have the belief that it Torah comes from God directly and as such cannot be changed. According to Orthodox, the only thing to do is to understand it the way it is without altering it. The understanding referred to in this case is that God is the lawgiver. Therefore, his words have to be obeyed. For the Reform Judaism, Torah refers to God-inspired attempt to Jews so that they understand their relationship with God and their surroundings. Therefore, the Reform sees development in the Judaism not only through the biblical period but also after that by coming to our critical understanding.

The other fundamental difference is the approach of the two religions to Halacha or the Jewish law. Orthodox Jews respect the understanding of rabbinical teachings and scriptural writings which are mostly literal. Reform Judaism, on the other hand, allows interpretation of the early texts in a modern view. Additionally, Orthodox Jews have the belief that Halacha and its laws binds on them. Reform Judaism, however, does not take Halacha as a binding requirement. Therefore, they are reluctant to follow traditional Jewish commandments.

The two differences can lead to huge disagreements between the two religions in that the Orthodox view the Reform Judaism as non-religious. Given one of the Halacha laws, prominent roles such as Rabbi are preserved for the men and according to the Orthodox this is the approach that should be understood. However, Reform Judaism allow both men and women these positions because to them all the parties are equal and, therefore, should be treated equally. The Reformed Judaism, therefore, view Orthodox as reserved and static thus irrelevant in the modern society.

Review of Forms of Christianity

Roman Catholic- commonly referred to as Catholic Church, is a Christian church led by Pope. The members believe that this is the only holy apostolic church that was founded by Jesus Christ. Methodist- the Methodists believe that they have the obligation to bear Christian witness faithfully to Jesus. They view Jesus Christ as the center and reality of the life of church and witness.For them to fulfill the obligation, they reflect critically onto their theological and biblical inheritance. Protestantism- this represents a broad range of social perspective and religious denominations, organizations, and individuals. There is no particular belief governing this form of Christianity. However, denominations within it have distinct and firm convictions. Anglican- this trace its origin to the England Church. They severed their allegiance to papacy back during the reformation of Protestant. The agencies of Gods love according to Anglican are the Eucharist and Baptism. Orthodox- is referred to as Eastern Churches, they dont have one hierarchical institution. They instead have many national bodies that worship in their native languages. They, therefore, reflect their ethnic custom and national heritage.

Christian Science- the church enables the accessibility and availability of the Christian healing power to everyone. It allows individuals understand the critical relationship they have with God and each other. Jehovahs Witness refer to the members of world Christian religion which teaches about God known as Jehovah and the son Jesus. They view a first-century form of Christianity as their principle model.

The most unusual form of Christianity is the Christian Science. This is because while all other churches focus on the spiritual closeness with God, it focuses on the educational aspect of Christianity. It dwells on the entire improvement of our lives and the community as a whole.

Main difference between Christianity and Islam

The main difference between Christianity and Islam is their approach to Trinity. Christians believe in Trinity which means that God is in three forms; God the father, the son and Holy Spirit. This concept was adopted by Christians during the Nicea Council in 35AD. In Islam, Trinity is fully rejected. Jesus is not God or Gods son, literally they believe that Jesus was just a human prophet. They Muslims worship the only God, who is the creator of all the universe. This God according to them is the author of the Jesus Christ and is also the one Jesus referred to as the Father while praying. Muslims typically consider Jesus, Moses and Mohammad as messengers or prophets that were sent by God. These messengers were not divine, but just human beings thus should not be worshiped.

The Muslims have a belief that all people can be sons or daughters of the holy God because they are his creations. This, therefore, means that there is no unique thing about God calling Jesus as a son. They stress that, for this reason, it is wrong to worship Jesus. Also in the sense that angels are Gods creation, they act as Gods agents and, therefore, should not be praised at all cost. The main reason that makes Trinity the biggest difference between Christianity and Islam is because this is the source of conflict between these groups. The purpose of the concept of trinity is to assure us that that Jesus died for our sins. Therefore, believing in Trinity means worshiping Jesus Christ so as to get saved and go to paradise. The Muslims, however, sees the concept of the original sin as an encouragement of the people to sin the more and do nothing good since they will be forgiven when they repent.

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