Essay Example on Book The Maus by Art Spiegelman

Published: 2023-01-04
Essay Example on Book The Maus by Art Spiegelman
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This article provides chronological accounts on how the events revolve around various characters in the entire novel. The novel which is majorly pegged on the constant manipulation the Jews by the Germans in the constant warfare which seems to affect almost all the immigrants in the entire society (Hutton, 33). It is imperative to note that, the whole content of this online article on the book Maus revolve around the warfare which constitutes one the primary concern in the entire novel. Through wars individuals in the society are losing properties, suffers displacement, forceful deportation imprisonment as well as subjecting innocent individuals to inhumane behaviors as witnessed in the novel (Hutton, 33).

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Following the in-depth analysis of the novel, warfare forms one of the primary concern which cuts across all the dimensions in the entire society. Significantly, in the article, the ideal situation brought about by the warfare in the society is demonstrated as many people are forcefully subjected into a worse situation which is viewed as the sole source of pain and suffering in society as the whole. Tentatively, looking at the general view into the text the same atrocity befalls many characters as depicted in the manner in which events unfold around them in the whole novel. It is imperative to note that, upon conducting the intensive book review of the book entitled Maus, the article is a clear revelation on the general effects of the warfare which targets a specific group of individuals in the society. In this case, the Jews are found to be culpable and at the same time the victims of the global warfare which is a significant concern in the entire novel.

Art Spiegelman, a young Jewish-American, at the initial stages dragged into prison and then subjected to months of forced labor before escaping and returning home after a series of a long struggle. Notably, the book Maus present the World War II basically from the perspective of the Jewish survivors who were imprisoned in the concentration camps at Auschwitz-Birkenau and Dachau, a place which according to the description is generally pathetic and not fit for any human beings(Hutton, 34). Conversely, the brutal labor conditions accompanied by the infamous gas chambers subjected many of the Jews into severe psychological torture. As a result of the warfare, the article demonstrates the inhumane behaviors the Jewish are subject due to constant wars in the entire society.

On the same account, the book whose historical accounts revolves around the warfare left many individuals to die each day following the intensive and brutal treatment they were accorded while in prison."Each morning and evening they made an Appel. They counted the live ones and dead ones to see it wasn't any missing ... we sometimes stood the whole night while they counted again and again." (II.2.30). Based on this analogy, it is worth acknowledging the absolute fact that, it is true that warfare, as presented in the article, forms one of the critical central concerns found in the book Maus. On the other hand, after the constant wars including the World War II, we come to realize that, the magnitude of the punishment given to the individuals captured especially the Jewish were simultaneously subjected to the hard labor so they could die slowly eliminating them (Hutton, 33).

In summation, the magnitude of the warfare as depicted in the entire novel tends to subject individuals into inhumane behaviors which in the long run render them infective. "Auschwitz, it was a camp where they gave you to work, so they didn't finish you so fast. Birkenau was even worse. It was 800 people in a building made for 50 horses. There it was just a death place with Jews waiting for gas ... And there it was Anja." (II.2.31

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Hutton, Robert. "A Mouse in the Bookstore: Maus and the Publishing Industry." South Central Review 32.3 (2015): 30-44

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