Essay Sample on Innovative Delivery Care Models

Published: 2019-11-11
Essay Sample on Innovative Delivery Care Models
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The health care delivery system has innovated various delivery care models which are intended to elevate the quality of services offered to the patients and at the same time curb the impending crisis as a result of the high demand for expensive acute services.

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Below are some of the various Innovative Care Models in the nursing practice:

1. Telehealth Delivery Care Model in 811 Health line, NL

This is a twenty-four-hour line model that is staffed by RNs. The primary goal of this model is to help people in managing their mental and physical health. In this particular model, the ANA Nursing Scope and Standards are actually applied since nurses usually use their professional skills and responsibilities through this innovative design (Canadian Nurses Association, 2015).

The ANA Code of Ethics

Through the 24-hour line model, the RNs staffed in this Telehealth model usually observe the seventh provision of the ANA Code of Ethics. This states that The nurse is obliged to participate in advancing the nursing profession through contribution to practice, administration, education, and knowledge development (ANA, 2016).

The ANA Social Policy Statement.

This model observes the social concerns in nursing through the application of the ANA social policy statement which calls for the expansion of healthcare and nursing knowledge as well as the appropriate use of technology.

Through the reduction of travel time and cost, this model enhances the better continuity of care together with the management of health needs. By so doing, this model supports the role of professional nurses in their attainment of todays health consumer needs. Additionally, in this model, the professional nurse ought to have the relationship Management skill so as to tap into the needs of the patients since this model does not involve one on one contact with the patient (Sullivan, 2013).

2. The 12 Bed Hospital at the Baptist Hospital in Miami.

This is an acute care innovative model that is nurse-managed and in which an RN Patient Care Facilitator (PCF) usually is the Clinical CEO for a 12 to a 16-bed unit.

This model is in line with the ANA Code of Ethics by observing the forth provision of the Code of Ethics. Since the PCF is usually in charge of a particular unit, they are responsible and accountable for every nursing practice (American Nurses Association, 2010). .

Since this model involves the PCF as the Clinical CEO, the professional nurse can meet the modern healthcare consumer needs through serving as a primary contact for other care providers as well as mentoring other nurses and health workers. The primary leadership skill that greatly needed by professional nurses in this model is the Self-awareness leadership skill. When the PCF nurse practices self-awareness, he/she sets a good example for the rest of the nurses that they lead (Sullivan, 2013).


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