Innovation Trends in Sporting Events, Free Essay Example

Published: 2022-12-08
Innovation Trends in Sporting Events, Free Essay Example
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The super bowl is an annual championship game in the national football league in the united states where the champions of the national football league are brought the head to head with the champion of the American football conference. This event has been selected for the study as it is one of the significant events in the United States that is the most popular and the most watched in the American television live broadcast. The event is usually packed with various merchants and traders as well as firms that are ready to dissipate their brands during this event as it attracts the most critiques and attracts the consumers at most (Mukherjee and Jansen, 2016). The event is also considered one of the unofficial holidays in the United States as most of the country's individuals stay in on the 'super bowl Sunday' to watch the game. The event has an average audience of 114.4 million viewers across the country (Sandler and Shani, 2015, 346-350).

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This event is therefore eyed as an opportunity by the firms to earn good publicity through advertising as it attracts the possible number of audience at a go. Apart from this, the event attracts the attention of various investors as well as celebrities who come to perform their art as well as check the best possible brands that would improve their lifestyle. In summary, the event is an excellent opportunity for advertising of different types of brands hence the advertisements done in the super bowl forms the basis of the research (Sandler and Shani, 2015, 346-350).

Super Bowl advertisements comprise of various technological advancements that cause them to be the most watched form advertising. These trends in advertising may comprise of the actual technology that causes the appearance of the advertisement to look superior or the live airing that is carried out throughout the super bowl game. These technological aspects, as well as the trends in the super bowl advertising innovation, will be discussed and analyzed at length.

Technology and Advertising

Technology implies the application of methods that have been arrived at from various areas of research and science into a particular field to improve it or attain the set objectives efficiently. Technology is applied in the field of advertising through various ways that assist the advertisers to personalize their messages and information to fit the users' needs and demands. Technology is used in the critical analysis of the consumers need and how they can be set apart from those of the competitors (van der Laan, 2016). The personal interests of the consumers may be observed, and a survey may be carried out to substantiate the hypothesis. The data collected from this activity will then be analyzed using the most appropriate technology in order to represent the data in the most logical form for ease of analysis.

The internet has now become a new and efficient form of advertising as firms are looking into making more money from advertising online. Human beings have adopted the use of various technological gadgets such as smartphones, tablets and personal computers which aid in faster and safer forms of communication. The use of these devices has therefore brought to life the ability to interact with various people using the same medium hence the broadcasting of simple messages and comments across the world from the suburbs and click of buttons. This established broadcast where a single device can be linked to many others via the use of social media and other mobile applications has changed the view of advertising (Moyo and Makanyeza, 2015).

Products with affordable prices and attractive features may be broadcasted all over the world where the pictures of the products are taken and then sent all over the world; an interested party will then request the seller to package the goods. The transaction will then proceed to be completed all due to the advancements of technology. The internet also has the potential to reach a younger and more interactive market from all over the world which is a significant age group where any firm could establish dominance in this form. The preference of young people to the devices makes them even more accessible to capture and influence as the information to be posted can be made to be as attractive as possible (Ferreira et al., 2017, 183-201)

Online target markets have now been targeted due to the specific internet technology as discussed above. The users of the technology have a liking for interactive and highly attractive forms of advertising where they can be able to communicate hand in hand with the manufacturer or the marketer (Dwivedi et al. 2015, 289-309). This, therefore, necessitates the building of a specialized technologically influenced advertisements that can be aired on the internet and result in the most comments, critiques, and feedback (Hartmann and Klapper, 2017, pp 78-96). From such reactions, the manufacturer will be able to understand the problems involved with the advertising used and also gain knowledge about the product or service preferred by the market.

Proper internet advertising is achieved during this major football event every year in the United States as the event as the event is promoted using various web pages and social media platforms (Knoll, 2016, 266-300). The advertising crew of the game also take time to bring out other brands during the halftime of the game. This time may be short, but critically analysis from both consumers and advertising committees all over the world take time to analyze and also criticize these advertisements (Taylor, 2016). With such a large audience to broadcast to, it is evident that the input of technology in the advertising during the super bowl event is tremendous especially due to the limited time and air time during the game.

Other sporting events may also be identified in the United States where technological advertising is known to thrive. Events such as the NBA basketball championships also spur some critical advertising opportunities where manufacturers and different firms may take the opportunity. The sporting cultures and events are therefore the events that should be looked out for in this study of the trend is sporting events.

Innovation Trends in Sporting Events

As earlier discussed, advertising in the super bowl has been selected to portray the different technological trends during these sporting events. Although other technological trends will also be discussed, it is important to note that half of the audience during these super bowl games watch the game due to the very captivating advertisement. In the first case, the appearance of women in the advertisements has proved to be an emerging trend in the technological world as the appearance of mostly females in these Ads draw more attention than men (Grewal et al., 2016, 3-14).

Women getting a feature in the promotion of various brands has spiked increasing criticism and feedback from individuals who commend the advertisements. This has also brought forward the participation of women in various sporting events and activities hence a broader market for advertising. Through the inclusion of women, the companies stand a chance to broaden their scope in terms of the product or service structure in order to also cater for the women (Hartmann and Klapper, 2017, pp 78-96).

Apart from this, the integration of sporting with entertainment has also been sported as an emerging trend in sporting events, during the super bowl championships, top entertainment personnel in the united states show up to entertain the audience in a break show known as the halftime show (, 2019). The show is in itself a modern work out as drones hover around the stadium to take pictures of the reactions from the performances of these celebrities.

Drone technology has, therefore, found its way into the sporting industry as a means of providing live coverage of the event. The technology will ensure that the most captivating moments are captured with detail where it can be used to transform the advertising through lite moments of the events being featured in television shows. The halftime shows are also intended to bring together intergenerational music of the modern age where both the aged and the youth can enjoy classical music from top artists in the country. The sound system and the appearances by top comedians and celebrities ensure that proper marketing is carried out and the different marketing goals are achieved from the technology of drone filming (Rohit Bhargava, 2019).

The vent is also well known for its technological advancements in terms of internet connectivity. As discussed earlier in the paper, it is evident to realize that the internet has become a sensation as there has resulted in various form of advertising from various sites. The advertising crew in any company will target the websites that get the most traffic out of the NFL super bowl championship where they can be able to post their advertisements. Apart from this, the sights and sounds from the super bowl performances that have been captured using the drones as well as various mobile devices will be required to be shared all over the world hence the need for a fast internet connection around the stadium (Monllos and Monllos, 2019).

The stadium is usually packed with various Wi-Fi and interconnectivity hotspots that ensure the audience have the opportunity to post and share their experiences with friends and family all over the world. The use of fast internet and the linking of the internet with the various filming technology as in the case of the drone can be described as the application of the internet of things in sporting events. This emerging trend of the provision of fast and highly accessible internet connection assists in building the sports culture and also ensures that the most can be reaped from a single event. Most human beings, especially in the young generation, spend an approximate 18 hours every day looking down on their devices and communicating with one another via the various platforms. This aspect of the population can be harnessed to result in the best marketing strategies (Grewal et al., 2016, 3-14).

The game itself boasts some tremendous technical aspects where the fans can use various advancements in virtual and augmented reality to book tickets and parking space at the stadiums before the actual date. Apart from this, the augmented reality may also show the direction to the specific seat in the stadium which assists in tracking movements from the crows present. Security in these events is also manned by drones and various automatic ticket verification machines which have not been in use in the past. This is a milestone in the event management and organization in that the personnel in charge of the events may have the opportunity to enjoy the event as well.


From earlier chapters of the research, it is evident that marketing and advertising have been made simple through technological advancements that are being experienced in sporting events. The attachment of the media to the internet and the freedom of interaction has led to the birth of a new era in events and sports which assist in building awareness and the sporting culture. Apart from this, people have been able to embrace entertainment that comes with sports and the ability to connect sports with both technology and entertainment.

Technology integration that has been discussed include various advancements in security and connectivity which promotes fast and effective communication around the world. Apart from this, technology has involved parties from all over the world through enables the accurate sharing of information through well-developed advertisements and promotions.

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