Free Essay on Industrialization and Its Global Impacts

Published: 2019-09-24
Free Essay on Industrialization and Its Global Impacts
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Unprecedented technological innovations and economic development which began in the Great Britain in the 1830s spreading in varying gradations to the other parts of the world are referred to as industrial revolution (Frank and Lisa) . It replaced human and animal power with mechanical power and transmuted agricultural based parsimonies into manufacturing ones. Due to self-determination, European powers scrambled for Africa at this time to own colonies as a show of their superiority. The industrial revolution brought about numerous impacts into the world as a whole. The essay, therefore, seeks to illustrate how industrialization occurred and the global consequences it brought.

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An industrial revolution on its first phase started in the Great Britain and ultimately proceeded to the United States (Moak, Ken and Miles). At first, it was meant to elevate the societys way of living. The Americans subsisted in the countryside, villages or small towns in which there was little manufacturing before the upheaval. Farmers were used to making shoes as women spent their day in soap making, spinning yarn and making clothes. At then, the manufacturing that took place was in the rural areas or homes, and it was done by hand. The products that were made at home included clothing, hardware, leather, jewelry, silverware, weapons, and furniture. All these products were made in exchange for food.

People mostly lived in fear of crop failure as most of them were already suffering from malnutrition. Maladies and other spates were common. Towards the end of the 1700s a steam engine was developed showing the first signs of a revolution (Frank and Lisa). It brought about a concept of factories and companies manufacturing merchandises by the use of machinery. Goods were produced at lower prices. An immediate change included the efficiency in the production of goods at low costs. The industrial revolution had begun to overturn an agricultural economy into a manufacturing one with machines thereby creating a specialization of labor (Moak, Ken and Miles). With people moving to search for jobs within the factories, industrial societies emerged as people found themselves staying together in one place of work. Sufficient food production was also another cause of the emergence of the industrial societies.

Industrialization increased trade between nations as regularly countries had enormous superfluities of consumer merchandises they couldnt vend in their internal market. The rate of trade increased eventually making countries like the United States and Great Britain richer (Frank and Lisa). Obviously, this deciphered to the military superpower and the capability to sustain global colonies and trade networks.

Migration and the industrial revolution, on the other hand, led to mass exploitation of slums and workers (Coclanis, Peter and Stanley 66). Workers established trade unions to counter this. They tussled back against proprietors to win civil liberties for their families and themselves. This gave the workers the ability to force their employers to view them as fellow human beings.

There was a great improvement in the health care system brought about by industrialization (Moak, Ken and Miles). The healthiness of Europe as a whole became more unwavering as doctors befitted from technological advancement. New medical procedures and medicines were discovered aiding in ensuring a healthier lifestyle for the general public. Some diseases became curable and therefore a product of a healthy nation. People lived happier than ever even though there are those who suffered from the impacts of the industrial revolution.

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