Free Essay with Advertisements Examples

Published: 2019-12-04
Free Essay with Advertisements Examples
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Kenwood Chef

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This is an advertisement of a food mixer done on print media and therefore the creators did not allocate much space or time for it. An analysis of the advertisement deeply shows that the product is targeted for the upper and middle class white families and mainly individuals or couples that would love to be like them. The couple is inclined to adherence of gender with regard to masculinity and femininity. The commercial goes further to show various aspects in gender roles of older times and the stereotypes that come with it together with the impact it has on the modern sexism that Is prevailing in todays culture. This is depicted by the tag line which indicates even professional cooks let their wives cook in their homes because that is their responsibility (Moth, 2012).

Dove Advertisement

The commercial sells a cosmetic product used for body wash. It is advertised on magazines and print media and for that reason not much space is needed to carry out its purpose. The advert targets individuals who are intrigued by the visuals and words utilized in persuading one to purchase. This is a black woman who is interested in having a smooth skin which is displayed by the models in the advert who are arranged in order from the darkest to the lightest with the left side marked before showing a lady with a dry skin in contrast with the right side marked after and whose model has a light smooth and healthy skin. Through the depiction, it is imperative that the white skin colour is regarded as better than black skin. The African American female is portrayed negatively and for her to be respectable she has to lighten her skin to the ideal white (Williams, 2011).


Cadbury is a beverage product. The advert uses social media in the entire marketing action and therefore not enough time is allocated to create awareness. The product was launched on Facebook and with the agenda of social campaign the beverage advert was targeted to attract a million fans on Facebook. It targeted all kinds of people, and due to that only a small percentage of people were able to see the content on Facebook. The commercial gained forty thousand fans on Facebook (Desoure, 2012). The advert needed more time and space on social media to attract a huge following.

Dolce and GabbanaThis is an advert that was done through print media and with much time allocated. Dolce and Gabbana (D & C) is a renowned entity in the fashion industry. It is known by majority of people that the brand is quite pricey due to its method of presentation and the individuals who adorn the clothing. It is a brand name that goes along with the high or middle class and the expensive taste in its association. It is an advert ideal for sociological analysis as it is concerned with status, gender, socio economic class, role and race. The product targets all genders (Sgrieben, 2011). The males in the advert are depicted as domineering and as having power over the females. The woman on the hand is not in control of what is happening around her. In addition to that the commercial displays sex and appeal which would not be appropriate for the children. The fact that there are many fake Dolce and Gabbana products is reason enough to show how hard people want to be associated with the high social classes (Arthur, 2007).

Mini USA

The product in this commercial is a vehicle which was first aired on YouTube at the end of December 2011 (Berger, 2011). This an advert whose social media campaign was engineered with a large budget. The creators asked followed to offer the best description of the models test drive in six words. The video had a record seven hundred thousand views on YouTube which is a strong indicator of the organizers spending ample time in the product marketing. The model of the vehicle however targets the high class.


The advert sells the Heineken drink. The producers came up with a statement that went like like us and well give you a discount. In addition to that it wittingly introduced more brands and offered a follower to blow up one green balloon for each like to its Brazilian page (Yang, 2012).the producers further personalized the social campaign through reading out names of fans on YouTube on interactive segments. The campaign used extensive time and therefore garnered thousands of new fans. At the same time brand awareness was improved in the emerging market.

Nike at the Olympics

The Nike Company is renowned for its guerrilla type techniques in the bid to outdo its competitors. This was clearly seen in the London Olympics after it outdid the events official sponsor Adidas with a big billboard and a social campaign in the city. At that time Nike was smart to celebrate daily athletes instead of just celebrities. The company bought numerous billboards in the city (Nike. Inc., 2012). Due to that, thousands of tweets associated Nike with the London Olympic. The company took a lot of space and time to market the product.

TelenetThis was a commercial whose purpose was to advertise a brand new TV station in Belgium. The creators of the advert set up a theatrical set piece at the town square. The brand new TV included fights, shoot outs and American football players. To start the action series the members of public were required to press a button in the square to add drama (Moth 2012). A lot of time and space was used in the advert.


The product on market in this case was new bean varieties. Heinz the brand has a reputation of using social media to elicit excitement in its product launches. This particular commercial had a Facebook quiz application which let the fans know which type of bean they had grown and which was in correlation with the persons character. A character generated from a series of questions on personality behaviours. Due to this the products Facebook following grew by the thousands. However, more time and space is still required in creating awareness of the varieties (Smith, 2013).

Cannery Row

The commercial displays the picture of some children playing on a sandy beach with a transparently imposed image of a woman at the top. The adverts headline reads Cannery Row. Play Here. The bottom says when was the last time you had time to just watch your kids play? Come to think of it, when the last time you joined them (, 2012). That influences consumers to buy the product and still convince them to visit cannery row. It is an advert that targets mothers. The mother in the advert is happy and smiling thus encouraging the stressed mothers to come and achieve that feeling. In addition to that the lady has expensive clothing and a diamond ring thus implying Cannery Row is for the rich.


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