Definition of Love Essay Sample

Published: 2018-02-26
Definition of Love Essay Sample
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Love has no borders

Human beings were created with many attributes that are sometimes very difficult to comprehend. These attributes are expressed differently by different people and mostly according to contexts. Some attributes are dominant in some people and not others. Some attributes depend so much on the environment while others are only subject to the inner being of a person. It is also conceivable that different things within the surrounding trigger various attributes. One of the most common attributes is love. Love is perhaps the most discussed and sort after attribute in people. The most asked question is whether love has limits. This article seeks to illustrate that indeed love knows no boundaries. The focus is on romantic love between a man and woman.

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First of all, romantic love is a mysterious thing and therefore knows no bounds. The meaning of this is that one cannot conclusively explain the beginning of the strong pull between a man and a woman. It is true that there are physical and behavioral attributes that attract people to others. Nevertheless, these attributes do not guarantee a continued love between two people. In fact, a person may be attracted to several people of the opposite gender but only feel fulfilled with one of them. Whatever governs this phenomenon is unknown and thus it does not respect any boundaries.

Secondly, love knows no bounds since whenever a person loves another person he/she sticks with that person regardless of what comes up. There have been numerous cases where everyone runs away from a person but his/her lover. For instance, there have been men and women who have been charged and convicted of serious crimes. In most cases, people tend to alienate themselves from such men and women including their friends and relatives. It amazes many people when their lovers choose to stick with them. This is because their love surpasses any possible negativity that can be mentioned with their lovers.

Another illustration is when people forsake their cultures and traditions to be united with the people they love. The world has witnessed people crossing boundaries between countries and even continents just to be with one person that they love. Africans have gone to Europe, Europeans have gone to Americas, and Asians have gone to Australia and so on in search of love. The differences between these cultures are very huge, yet they do not stop love. Love is one thing that has prevailed in the midst of diversity. People have committed to eating strange food and learning strange languages because of love. This proves that indeed love knows no bounds.

In conclusion, love has prevailed where many principles and philosophies have failed. Every time someone sits down to write about love, it seems to be a new thing. It is difficult to exhaust the description of love. This is because love prevails in diverse conditions where nothing else can. Every person loves, every community loves; love is a universal thing. It is possible to deny the existence of love and suppress it; but it is not possible to kill love. Love knows no bounds.

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