Indentured Servitude and Colonial Labor - AP US History Essay Sample

Published: 2017-11-14
Indentured Servitude and Colonial Labor - AP US History Essay Sample
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Letter 1

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Dear master,

You relieve me of days and nights of hunger back in Spain, other than your help, I should be a pauper. You have given me a safe passage to your country. For that I thank you. However, yearn to get to Maryland. Maryland is has the highest population of Roman Catholics (Coleman, 2000). I am a staunch Catholic Christian and do hope to unite with other faithful in Maryland. They will be the closest thing that I will ever have to what I can call family. My choice for Maryland should not worry Sir. You may be a bit curious as to my choice and imagine that I would relent on my indenture. I will always stay loyal to my master and perform the tasks expected of me. I will not deviate from my duties except in cases where my master chooses to pass over the indenture to another master.

The climate back in Spain where I come from is different from the one here but tends to resemble the weather patterns in Maryland to some extent. Right now, I have nothing to comfort me apart from the fact that if I serve my indentured servitude well, I will be a free man after the expiry of my contract. Being near my Christian colleagues will make me feel alive and will be motivated to perform my duties to the best of my abilities. There, I can look forth to achieving my dreams of marrying and having my own family and land to build a house. I am humbled by the opportunity to communicate my wishes to you. It is my biggest hope that you accept my little request. With a light heart, I end my letter hear as I look forward to your consideration.

Yours faithfully

Xxxxx Xxx

Letter 2

Dear master,

It has been six months since I landed here in these beautiful colonies. I would lie if I said I had an easy time. The weather weakened my body and heart slowed down a beat. I grew thinner. Getting to access a mess of water gruel required me to work extremely hard. The company that owns the plantation that I have been working on continued weakening and our bosses forced us to work more hours into the night to keep it running (Wright, 2013). The servants bringing us water no longer had the time for such luxury while food was hard to come by. I see nothing more than sickness and imminent death.

My intention in writing this letter to you is not to complain. Rather it is to request to be allowed passage to Maryland where you can be sure my productivity will increase. I do not wish to go back to my country Spain as mother and father assume that I am already doing well here. Seeing me in this state back at home would worry them and depression would encroach into the home. The hope of fulfilling the terms of my contract and finding a new home in one of the colonies keeps me strong and looking forward to each day with great optimism. In your response lies my hope of a new life and a dream with endless possibilities. I spend sleepless nights overcome with fantasies of a new life in Maryland culminating in my freedom at the end. It is my wish to serve my new master and Maryland diligently. Your positive response will breathe new life into me and awaken my hopes and dreams of a new life.

Yours faithfully,

Xxxxsx Xxxxx


Coleman, B. (2000). The Colony of Maryland. New York: PowerKids Press, 2000.

Wright, G. (2013). Slavery and American Economic Development. Baton Rouge: LSU Press

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