Free Essay Sample: The Niches Useful in Marketing

Published: 2023-04-19
 Free Essay Sample: The Niches Useful in Marketing
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Marketing is an essential service to a company, that wants its products or services, sell faster and quickly. Social media has offered a variety of platforms that are useful for networking (Son, Kim, Choi&Kim,2017). The focus of this paper is the identification analysis and listing of niches useful in marketing and networking.

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LinkedIn is a current social media platform useful for entrepreneurs and people seeking to extend their networks. It is a community of professionals that are constantly sharing ideas with other professionals in the industry so that they can grow. It supports the features of direct sharing of content among the members and the chances to be noticed and employed. CMI indicates that at least 95% of companies are using LinkedIn to market their content. Over 500 million members were using the platform according to the 2017 reports(McCabee,2017). The population of its members makes it a suitable niche for marketing. The reasons why LinkedIn is the most suitable platform is that it supports the launching of new products, strengthens relationships and expands one's horizon, by exposing them to available opportunities and the ways of using them.


Twitter has more than 300 million users who are actively using their accounts. Twitter is a live-action site, which can be useful for content marketing(McCorkle&Payan,2017). Despite its ability to allow the marketer or business to get noticed, there is difficulty in getting noticed by the right people. This can be overcome by constantly searching for relevant hashtags and constantly tweeting to improve the visibility of the brand. The advantage of this platform is that there is the humanization of the brands since it is a real-time community, adds with the most emotional content gets the attention of the users in the community. The niche makes it easy for the marketer or the business to increase its engagement, by constantly updating its clients. It builds trust and confidence of the clients.


Facebook is a social media platform that has evolved greatly from the time of its inception. With features such as language preference and creation of pages. It has attracted over 2 billion users, which makes it a target for marketing and networking (Phua, Jin &Kim,2016). The fact that it is easy to open and operate a Facebook account, the companies can reach many people around the world, through paid adds on timelines and pages(Phua, Jin &Kim,2016). Companies such as Alibaba have utilized Facebook to gain marketing access to other continents.The niche are cost-effective as it is relatively cheap to set-up ads and runs them. It provides an opportunity for marketers to relate with their clients easily and privately through direct messages and finally due to a large number of users, it promotes traffic to websites.


Instagram is another exceptional platform that supports networking and business marketing. Brand owners and companies are using celebrities with a huge following to market their products and services. The advantage of this platform is the ability of the product marketer to access the leverage user content, which enables them to develop competitive advantages


In conclusion, several other niches can provide opportunities for companies to apply the word-of-mouth technique to increase the sales of services and products (Son, Kim, Choi&Kim, 2017). There are blogs and online sites that support vlogs. The use of these platforms and sites are easy but requires an understanding of the audience of the community and their preferences. The first impression in the niches is always critical in determining the success of the campaign.


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