Essay Sample on Increase in the Proportion of People with Medical Insurance

Published: 2019-10-28
Essay Sample on Increase in the Proportion of People with Medical Insurance
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Medical insurance is becoming a necessity in the modern world due to the increasing number of illnesses that need emergency care. The number of people less than 65 years with medical insurance is increasing each year. The baseline year is 2020 with a target of 100 percent. The figure has increased from 82.5 percent in 1997 to 86.7 percent in 2014. The gap is small and thus a consistent line graph with a very low gradient and some up and down movements (HEALTHY PEOPLE, 2014). The graph is available at

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The dependent variables in the graph are the percentages, and the independent variable is the time in years. The graph is useful because it indicates the gap between the present state of medical insurance and the desired target. It is meant to determine the amount of effort that needs to be exerted to cover the deficit. Time is the covariate in the graph because over the last three years the percentage has gone up and there is hope for a further increase (HEALTHY PEOPLE, 2014).

Clinical research is very important in assessing the significance of the differences between evaluated groups and the meaningfulness of the outcome while statistical significance measures how likely the differences and outcomes are real and not due to chance. For example, if 2000 people participate in an IQ test, and the difference between males and females is merely 2 percent, the gap may be considered insignificant. Clinical significance is important because it evaluates the efficacy of an intervention and statistical significance does not provide information on the effect of clinical relevance.

Discussion 2

There are no published recommendations on how to ensure trustworthiness in qualitative data analysis, but researchers need to confirm the credibility of the reading before using them. Communication between researchers with the same agenda is important because it places them on the same page. Ethical considerations on health care delivery include respect for persons, honesty, benevolence, and justice (MAS, 2011).

Types of qualitative research (MAS, 2011)

Phenomenology- the descriptive study of how people experience a phenomenon. It acknowledges the gap between clarification and illumination of a benefit to raise awareness and insight. The downside is that it does not necessarily provide definitive interpretations.

Ethnography- description of the culture of people. Ethnographic studies are used in health studies because culture affects response to treatment. However, it is tedious since it involves studying of several different cultures.

Grounded theory- the development of an inductive bottom-up approach. It provides health workers a better framework for providing true care. However, the holistic frameworks can be so hard to understand.

Case study- detailed account and analysis of one or more cases. It is very effective in the evaluation of particular medical care approaches, but its aspect of generalizability is a weakness since it makes it hard for a researcher to study specific situations.


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