NBU Business Model Essay Example

Published: 2018-02-12
NBU Business Model Essay Example
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Organizational Structure and Size

The organizational structure is divided into five natural business units which include:

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Organizational goals

This is done by introducing a third person into the business from outside the organization giving the management a perspective that is not biased. looking at the markets disposition customers and preceding personalities, the business brand, authority and organizational lines gives a clear image of the business. This framework is regarded as a Natural business unit (NBU). Applying the NBU test helps in identifying the organizational goals by pointing out the elements of the client’s criteria and carry out the following activities to define the business accordingly. First, they define the customer needs, develop a new business unit strategy, and build capabilities based on the assessments of the client and their environment.

The company capitalizes on the NBU to implement the corporate strategy. The NBU has been heavily adopted in the business today as much as the idea of outsourcing services was embraced when it as introduces to business management. As opposed to the traditional management of off assets approach, NBU is built on the proper alignment of an organization's goals with the company’s capabilities. It focuses on creating a creating value and networking with employees, suppliers, and other relevant players in their industry while traditional business focused on numbers and the hierarchy of stakeholders in the business (Dahut, 2017). The company is empowered and builds their independence capacity by being responsive to changes and clients' demands. This has proved to be a mere benevolent strategy as the business administration is in touch with what is being done in the industry and planning to anticipate what changes would impact the operability of the company.

Designing the natural and successful business structure

Designing the Natural Business Unit is dependent on the details of the defined business so that the customers’ needs can be factored in a while designing the NBU. Besides the customer needs, the process factors in the possibility of the organization to make changes to the current business operation by taking into consideration the possibility to make the changes that they intended to the company. This factor in the business structure, technology,

Define the global core (strategic leadership, identity, control, capital, and capabilities)

Define the business services

The NBU business model relates to the traditional business model by borrowing the company’s core idea that gives them a competitive advantage over the other competitors in the market. Incorporation of the old and the new business plans to achieve the organizational goals. Incorporation of services forms the organization's center of the business units leads to efficient client based services with the help of the governmental activities. Proper management of outsourcing relationships helps the organization to come up with benevolent prompt solutions in leading to an increased manner in which the employees are served (Wetfeet, 2003).

Defining business linkages

Clear cutout responsibilities for all positions in the organization is of importance to make sure that there is no ambiguity of what is expected of each. It is also of great importance to identify the mission, vision, and values of the organization are linked. Specific management processes linkages, including the systems for developing strategy, delegating duties and the management of performance. This process can be divided into three key areas of interest the program management, NBU teams and the individual and individual responsibilities. The program leaders induct leaders at all levels with the business strategy, the teams (groups) execute leadership middle management. They foresee the execution of the strategy, and the individuals in management are required to assess the potential and effectiveness of authorities at every position through training and management of the performance assessment (Dahut, 2017). If the identified linkages managed as expected, the organizational objectives will easily be realized, and if there are areas that are slowing down the performance of the business, they will be easily identified and restructured promptly before the issue escalates.

Human resource case analysis

Booz Allen as an organization has many a highly skilled human resource as required by the resources of the organization. The CEO (Horacio D. Rozanski) appointed in 2005 has proved that the organization is an as successful as it is due to the value their human resource bring to the organization. For a millennium the company has been leading in their industry by hiring creative and innovative. Among the defining characteristics of the human resource at Booz Allen Hamilton are integrity and excellence. This is the foundation that has built the bacon of innovation in technology that the company has been for the last one millennium. The competitive advantage associated with the company is the need to transform the industry and break new grounds by creating working teams that are projected towards challenging themselves.

This character of commitment to excellence has resulted in the company making changes in the industry for other players to catch up with. Besides revolutionizing the industry, the organization is of positive impact to the community, inducing people with positive morals in the community ("Technologies and Capabilities | Booz Allen Hamilton", 2017). Besides creating an environment that is suitable for engineer and other technology innovators the organization understands and supports the importance of uplifting and understanding the individuality of employees and their inclination to the development of their own and those assigned to them. Leading to the company being a service provider to the government, which has resulted in alliances and networks that set the company aside from the rest of their competitors. Consequently, the organizations out laddish development towards the development of new and restructuring the needs of government agencies in attrition to other clients. The organization has also built a good reputation in the way they treat their employees this has led to the pooling up of prospective employees, as a result of obligation to uphold values such as fairness to clients, senior staff, and clients without overlooking the handsome perks that come with being an employee at the institution.

Resource-based theory coined by Wernerfelt (1984) that gave a resource based approach to corporate strategy and analysis. Which resulted in the development of the governmental analysis of an organization. The people it involves identification in organization's resources, identifying the possibilities that are presented by the resources that are the disposed of the organization and their potential for a sustainable development of the competitive advantage. This translates to revenues, formulating a strategy which exploits the firm's resources and relativity to opportunities that are available externally, and finally identifying the resource gaps in the organization, replenishing the augmenting and upgrading the firm's resources. The people are in a position to make the changes.

Using this theory as a bench marching platform for Booz Allen and Hamilton, the company does check the strategizing standards and policy laid out by Wernerfelt. In human resource, the company has had numerous achievements in innovation, which has crowned them as the business leaders. The organization has a large pool of skilled labor who share a vision of the organization and live up to the organizational values. Christine Roc (2015) registered went on record to denote the organizational employees to the organizations’ code of ethics. This has to lead the organization to make the anticipated changes. The organization has lived up to the standards of the organization to make the company a reputation of their relations with clients who already have accounts and attracting new agencies to open accounts with the firm. The company has thus met the thresh hold of the resource based theory. Albeit the exploitation of the firm’s competitive advantage, the company has resource gaps in the marketing and reach of key markets in other countries since they only have two main employees.

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