Free Essay Example - My Social Impact

Published: 2023-03-29
Free Essay Example - My Social Impact
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I am passionate about identifying societal problems and being actively involved in crafting sustainable solutions for them. This passion is bolstered by the background I have in Business Administration, which has exposed me to the myriad of challenges that individuals and communities face daily. For instance, learning the concepts of marketing management, microeconomics, and macroeconomics allowed me to delve into the avoidable social costs that people contend with as well as the intricate human decision-making process. Through this, I have conceptualized the grim picture in which sometimes people have to choose which of their basic needs to meet at a particular time. This is a typical challenge that must be addressed through the provision of tailored solutions that target sustainable livelihood, stable social support systems, and working markets for goods and services. Through gaining more training and education, I envision being impactful in alleviating the welfare challenges that societies my society faces.

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I have immersed myself in activities targeting the alleviation of human suffering, and the provision of fundamental welfare needs to the underserved. A key initiative I was involved in was fundraising for Orphanage El Amal in Morocco. The orphanage, which is run as a non-government entity, targets improving the lives of children who are oppressed and marginalized. Factually, every human being, especially vulnerable groups such as children, requires outright help to achieve their full potential. The fact that such children lack the social support and protection that they need at a young age provoked me since of humanity to singlehandedly organize fundraising events aimed at mobilizing at least some money for the orphanage. Through this initiative, I succeeded in pitching the idea to well-wishers and convinced sponsors to direct their charity toward the course of such vulnerable children. Looking at the engagement in retrospect, I feel satisfied since it meant responding to a higher call of service to others. Ultimately, my objective is to always invest my time, skills, competence, and resources in ensuring a complete transformation of society.

The most feasible social entrepreneurship is developing an affordable medical scheme that is open to the elderly, children, and women. Conceivably, this population is vulnerable but do not often get tailored services and attention. One hindrance to quality medical care for these people is the lack of affordable and comprehensive health cover. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a sustainable scheme to which this population can contribute and be sure to get responsive care when the need arises. While there are alternatives to this method in the market, lack of proper coordination between the medical insurance administration and actual care provider is a bottleneck. A solution to this would be to have the medical coverage provided by the specific hospital that gives care instead of it being managed by a third party. The hospital should have specialized medical personnel, up-to-date facilities, and efficient medical equipment.

Studying at Hult Business School will bequeath me with the technical know-how on how to integrate medical provision and care delivery within the same system. Without an appropriate understanding of business operations, it would be challenging to bring the two together and still attain seamless operations. Nonetheless, the methods, models, theories, and concepts taught at the university will be handy in molding my competency. Actually, on completion of my studies, I intend to settle on revamping of my parents' clinic and making it a remarkable center of excellence in nursing and medical care provision. I believe that a sound healthcare system is key to any form of progress, which is the reason I prioritize it as a critical contribution to the broader context of social entrepreneurship. I envision to establish proactive medical coverage and preventive Medicare which focuses on early diagnosis, community sensitization, and awareness creation as pathways of preventing unnecessary human suffering. Having a major in Biology from Lycee Paul Valery, General French Baccalaureate, and in-depth competencies in business administration will critically catapult me to operate the clinic healthcare enterprise successfully.

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