Essay Example on Leadership vs Management

Published: 2018-10-30
Essay Example on Leadership vs Management
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Communication in workplace

A problem taking place in my place of work that requires managerial intervention is the issue on inadequate response to complaints. The members of staff in the Stroke/Stepdown unit explain that the management takes the time to respond to their needs which in return affects their output. They perceive that they are not adequately heard despite the commitment and dedication that they employ in their work. The staff also assert that the unit requires renovations, but because of the slow communication process, it is difficult to implement some of the changes. The problem can be attributed to the presence of a horizontal form of communication in the sense that information may not reach the top management on time.

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Adequate communication is necessary for any workplace. It ensures that there is an understanding among the members of staff in addition to enabling the adequate flow of information from the management to the subordinate staff. It ensures that problems are communicated and solved on time before they result in any damages. Furthermore, it promotes a good relationship between the management and the members of staff and among the members of staff. Conflict rises when the members of staff feel that the management is not operating as expected in terms of communication (Grohar-Murray, 2016). Two strategies that may be employed to ensure that the management adequately responds to inquiries and complaints from the staff in the Stroke/Stepdown unit include; making frequent checks in the unit and having a flexible communication system where the department managers may reach the executive managers without going through various channels. Frequent checks will ensure that any problem in the unit is noted and solved on time (Grohar-Murray, 2016). Also, having fewer channels quickens the communication process such that the executive management gets information about an issue on time (Grohar-Murray, 2016).


Grohar-Murray, M. E., DiCroce, H. R., & Langan, J. C. (2016). Leadership and management in nursing. New York: Pearson.

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