Free Essay Example: To Manage the Manager

Published: 2023-04-10
Free Essay Example: To Manage the Manager
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This paper will analyze the case of To Manage the Manager which talks about bad behaviors by employees at the workplace and the effects these behaviors have on colleagues and the organization at large. It explains how Linda is a problem to Nancy and Mark and how Nancy takes the initiative to report her to the human resource representative with the hope that the issue would be resolved.

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My role, in this case, is to analyze the paper To Manage the Manager. I will do this by discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the organization and its employees. I am also going to identifying the primary and secondary problems and state the resolutions to handle the problem. Lastly, I am going to give my decision on how I will proceed in handling such a situation and then give the expected results of my choice.

Problems are a part of any growing organization (Plump, 2010). The major problem in this case study is that Linda has failed to address issues that arise at the place of work. Her actions inconvenience Mark, and Nancy, who have to cover up for her irresponsibility. The secondary problem, on the other hand, is that Linda keeps on procrastinating decisions making forcing Mark and Nancy to make such important decisions on her behalf. Her irresponsibility is very unprofessional. Also, Linda's behavior of organizing and planning for a disciplinary conference which she fails to attend bothers Nancy a lot. Another secondary problem faced by the two supervisors due to Linda's bad behavior is that she does not do her work and leaves the hard tasks for Mark and Nancy.

Organizations that have the right resources and can utilize it effectively can achieve their goals and objectives quickly (Gurel & Tat, 2017). This organization is organized well in terms of its structure. There seems to be a clearly defined reporting structure. The three supervisors work under their boss Jane whom they are supposed to report to. Besides, the organization is divided into departmental areas; for instance, there is the human resource department, which is charged with looking into the wellbeing of employees and managing performance. Maggie, a representative of the human resource department, listens to Nancy's complaint about a fellow supervisor and seeks to resolve the problem that existed.

Organizations with competent employees can operate efficiently (Rodriguez et al., 2002). This organization is privileged to have such hardworking employees like Nancy and Mark. They go out of their way to make sure that nothing remains undone by making decisions that are pending and doing the difficult tasks on behalf of Linda. Their attempt to save the situation has ensured the smooth running of activities.

Supervisors are responsible for the productivity of the organization by guiding and leading those under them (Johnson, 2020). In this case, Linda, as a supervisor, has failed to be a good example to these under her. She even makes her colleague Nancy frustrated by overburdening her with work, which is essentially hers. Her conduct is a threat to the organization and should be addressed.

The organization should take action and develop good behaviors among its employees (Nelson, 2007). The organization can do this by identifying the weaknesses of employees, making them aware of these weaknesses, and take measures to change their behavior.

In my opinion, this situation should be handled and resolved quickly by the human resource representative to prevent any damages to the organization caused by Nancy's lousy behavior. Angie should do this by first recording in writing the instances of bad behavior. She should then talk to Linda and present the accusations against her. Also, Linda must be warned of repeating the same mistakes and the consequences of not changing her behavior. The last step should be to monitor her progress to ensure that she is no longer a problem to the organization and her peers. The results would be that Linda will have a chance to change, and this will increase the productivity of the organization.

In conclusion, there is a need for any organization to identify the problems that exist and resolve it appropriately.


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