HRM Essay Example: In-House Recruitment of Executives

Published: 2019-05-27
HRM Essay Example: In-House Recruitment of Executives
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Do you think companies can find quality executives and managers without using external talent search agencies?

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Yes! An in-house recruiting process has the potential to offer companies quality executives and managers that match up to those provided by candidates from external talent search agencies. In-house recruiting is more likely to be effective than external talent search agencies due to their knowledge of the industry (Hymowitz & Green, 2013). Compared to external executive headhunters, in-house recruiters possess intimate relationships with the key elements of the company. They comprehend successful factors such as culture, strategies and limitations of the firm, therefore, the recruitment of a suitable candidate.

Do you think that companies that are bringing the recruiting back in house are going to save money in the long run?

Yes! By use of the in-house recruiting team, firms can cut on the costs associated with executive search firm fees. In most cases, fees charged by the search firms are based on a percentage of the salary of the candidate for the first year. Vis a vis, majority of firms, end up paying exorbitant fees as a consequent of their lucrative offer to candidates (Hymowitz & Green, 2013). In addition, in-house recruitment would lead to cost saving due to time-saving in the recruitment process. By having in-house recruitment team, the planning, execution and placement of an employee will likely take less time compared to the use of an external search firm.

Do you believe the contracted executive recruiting firms will go away?

No. Although executive search firms currently experience a decline in demand for their services, it is unlikely that the industry will collapse. Executive headhunters will continue to possess a market niche that in-house recruitment teams cannot suffice. It is still apparent that firms that use in-house recruitment department employ the services of executive headhunters when in search of highly specialized and skilled executives majorly based on technical specifications (Hymowitz & Green, 2013). Vis a vis, the market will continue to decline but not collapse.

What are your thoughts about how recruiting of executives is currently done?

I am of the opinion that in-house recruitment of executives is best suited for firms compared to the employment of external search firms. By using in-house teams, employees who have dedicated their work and life for their respective firms have an opportunity of seeking promotion and being recruited to fill the vacancies. Besides, the use of in-house teams further ensures the maintenance of the organizational culture of a given company.


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