Essay Sample on integrating learning styles and an adaptive e-learning system

Published: 2022-10-27
Essay Sample on integrating learning styles and an adaptive e-learning system
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Learning preferences by Honey and Mumford have greatly helped me to learn effectively during the first year of online MBA. It has assisted me to improve learning ability and skills which herculean the information gained to the outside world. It enhances better understanding of an individual and how people take in information gained. This assists to match learning with the opportunities and preferences from different perspectives. In other words, the preferences make learning to be easier and enjoyable hence becoming simple for an individual to learn from different sources online.

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Honey and Mumford's Learning Styles have made learning difficult in the sense that, they use pragmatist learning styles which are sometimes complicated when applied in online learning (Truong, H., 2016, 1191). They include case studies and use of time-to-think techniques which entails practical applications of the skills learned from online sources. On the same parallel, use of reflector learning styles makes learning even more difficult. Learners spend time reading online then trying the skills on other people to see whether the skills will work. They watch other learners to see the interpretation of the skills using the concept of personal and professional leadership.

My learning preferences to enable maximize the learning experience that I have gained is best applicable in the use of theorist and spatial learning styles. According to (Deborah, L., 2014, 817), the theorist learning perspective provides a variety of context that ideally happens within a content proving enough background information that can maximize and retain the information gained in the mind. Spatial learning, on the other hand, employs the use of observation techniques to see what others are doing then complying to the same perspective. It incorporates the use of adapting skills where one tends to adapt to the conditions of learning at that particular point.

In conclusion, people use diverse methods of learning which vary with the level of experience and skills they have towards learning. A situation also can speculate an individual to adopt a learning style as explicated in the models of Honey and Mumford Learning Styles. The reasoning of most people determines how consciously they take in the information learned and how they can apply it depending on the situation and preferences thus thinking problems in different models and how to provide solutions. The analogical explanation depicts that, talking to experts will not make learning effective.


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Truong, H.M., 2016. Integrating learning styles and an adaptive e-learning system: Current developments, problems and opportunities. Computers in human behaviour, 55, pp.1185-1193.

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