Free Essay Example about Improved Gas Emission

Published: 2019-10-31
Free Essay Example about Improved Gas Emission
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The gasses which are playing the role in trapping the level of heat in atmosphere are known as the greenhouse gasses. Different kinds of gasses explode by the greenhouses such as carbon dioxide, Methane, Nitrous Oxide and fluorinated gasses (Preston and Jones, 2006). Basically, their impact on the atmosphere is dependent upon the various factors but three of them are really significant such as how much of these gasses available in the environment, how long these gasses stays within the atmosphere and how strongly these are able of influencing the temperature of the world. These gasses are effective in such manner when these are protecting the earths blanket which is the ozone layer. However, the access of these gasses can impact the ozone layer in the adverse manner (Searchinger et al., 2008). So, the scientists are significantly focusing on the emission of greenhouse gasses with the beneficial quantity.

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Enhanced Construction Material

Besides that, the second step which is taken by the experts in order to reduce the negative impacts and enhance the positive elements of the greenhouses is consisted of favourable construction material. Specifically, the existence of greenhouses is an old phenomenon; at the early stages till the end of 1950s the greenhouses were constructed using the glass material only. Glass was considered sole beneficial material for the survival of greenhouse due to its certain benefits (Borjesson and Gustavsson, 2000). However, with the passage of time, different technologies have evolved and they also helped the construction of greenhouses to become more effective by eliminating the adverse aspects. In this concern, the developed materials which were introduced for the construction of greenhouse include the film plastic and rigid plastic greenhouses. Both of these materials contain some additional advantages as compare to previous material.

Present research study focuses on the construction material for the development of greenhouses in order to compare the effectiveness of two major raw materials as per their advantages such as glass and polycarbonate. However, the literature also explains the other materials to justify the selection of two leading materials.

Glass GreenhousesThe material of glass is the oldest one for the construction of greenhouses. It still possesses certain benefits which are encouraging the formers to prefer glass material for developing their greenhouses as compare to latest material.


Specifically, the gardeners prefer glass material for glazing of greenhouse due to its appearance. Mainly, it matters to those who constructed the greenhouses as per the decoration material so they do not focus much on the functionality of the material but the look of greenhouse. Besides that, the glass material helps in greater light transmission as compare to other glazing materials. The higher light transmission can be beneficial for the plants as well as for the Gardner to keep eye on the plants every time. Moreover, the technological developments have also positively impacted the glass material for the usage in greenhouses (Hemming et al., 2009). Particularly, the insulated glass provides the protection from adver...

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