Importance of World Health Organization - Free Essay Sample

Published: 2022-12-30
Importance of World Health Organization - Free Essay Sample
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World Health Organization (WHO) is located in the United Nations and was started in 1948 where its' headquarters are found in Geneva, Switzerland. The main aim of the organization is to ensure effective and efficient health Status among individuals in the State. It is a specialized Agency taking a big part in public health status. The United States takes part in supporting the organization through financial acts and more so providing a conducive environment for appropriate tasks to be done. The goal of this organization is to provide appropriate measures on the different health status of individuals. It will play a very crucial role in providing favorable conditions in preventing health problems.

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World Health Organization offers easily accessible facilities to individuals and helps them cope up with one's health life situations. WHO is worldly based and tends to focus on equal distribution of services to the most affected parts of the world and also providing advice to extremely affected parts. The organization is world known through observations made by the experts on its adverse benefits. It met all the requirements and needs of each and every affected individual. WHO also put into considerations the appropriate number of health centers present in specified parts of State, it motivates the sick, gives them hope and of most perfect care and treatments to high suffering persons ( Louis, Perry, Reifenberger, Von Deimling, Figarella-Branger, Cavenee, & Ellison, 2016). Gratefully I clearly make comment on the fact that the organization has a wide range of known branches abroad. WHO uses various forms to advertise its services to all members in the world which of most is the social media (World Health Organization. 2016). Different sites are provided where targeted customers are met thus information distribution is easily done.

According to my own view, examples of success stories associated with the organization are the; Bhutan parliamentarians commitments in reversing noncommunicable diseases on given priorities. During this time WHO took specific part in preventing and controlling the spreading of those diseases. Secondly, the Nipah virus outbreak in India heightened the strong systems of health (World Health Organization, 2015). The organization took part in addressing appropriate and relevant ideas on control of any virus spread in unaffected. Various individuals have come up with discussions on the benefits of WHO associations (Arber, Orazi, Hasserjian, Thiele, Borowitz, Le Beau, & Vardiman, 2016). Changes that an organization may consider to avoid failure is proper allocation and organization of workers plus better payments according to once working efforts. My groups 'idea on solving the issue is requesting government state to set aside World health camping dates and moreover appreciating leaders in that organization.

However, the benefit of this organization is to ensure that a State is comfortably run without disturbances from health problems. The organization at times offers free medications to the individuals for the benefit of creating awareness in the state (World Health Organization, 2015). Individuals offering the medication at times use their time in providing motivating ideas to the rest of State members thus taking advantage of such members in conducting their activities. Some member's acts as volunteers in the organizations in the cases of organizations' movement resulting in them being involved.

In support of organization task, almost 70% of its revenue comes from the medicines sell usually conducted done. Some medicines are highly priced in the organizations' shop resulting in revenue gain. In order to create more awareness of the organization, we have made suggestions that there has to be an involvement of other health institutions which are majorly known. Health institutions suggested, can be used to financially support the WHO movement.


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