Understanding Gifted Kids From the Inside Out. Paper Example

Published: 2022-12-30
Understanding Gifted Kids From the Inside Out. Paper Example
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Self-esteem is how people feel and think about themselves whereas self-image is more concerned about how people see themselves and how they think other people see them. The gifted students possess intellectual issues such as feeling for perfection, having the high-performance capability, and possess unusual capacity than others. Gifted students have many options when handling work that can make them have poor achievement sometimes. Gifted students are not like talented students because talented students don't bother so much to be perfect; they believe that as time goes, they will achieve what they need.

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Gifted students are faced by many challenges in their life such as assumed potential and expectation, perfectionism or emotional dimension. So, the best solution is to find a way to help them overcome these challenges. Many gifted students are assumed to be perfect in any work they do by their teachers in class. As a result, these students will struggle to achieve perfection which may make them even set impossible goals for themselves. Perfectionism can lead to poor achievement sometimes even to gifted students. This is because gifted students have perfectionistic tendencies in that they cannot submit work in class unless it perfect and as a result, they end up getting poor marks trying to perfect the work. As well, perfectionism in gifted students can lead them to emotional stress because if they fail to achieve targeted expectation in life, then they will feel depressed and worthless.

A gifted student, therefore, requires to be thought on how to cope up with perfectionism. One way is they should not take it personally. If in one way or the other gifted students fail to be perfect then they should not take it as a personal problem. Most of the gifted students use what they get in their work as indicators of their self -worth. Teachers and parents should teach gifted students to know how to separate between self-worth from what they get from assignments in class. They need to understand that evaluation is just used for grading and it does mean that if a student is not perfect, then he/she is wrong. Another way they can cope with perfection is by setting goals and became a focus on improving. Gifted students need to know that excellence happens as a result of little improvement each day but not necessarily becoming perfect at once. Finally, they should study the life of famous people. Famous people started by failure first before becoming successful in their lives. The same case should apply to the gifted students becoming failure once doesn't mean they will remain the same always. They don't need to be perfect for them to succeed but rather to make sure they improve in whatever they are doing every day. They should be aware of the obstacles that can hinder people from achieving what they require.

As for expectation and potential, gifted students should not put in place unrealistic expectation. They should work according to their potential without the need to struggle so much. Teachers and parents as well should no give them a lot of pressures to get certain expectation where their potential cannot let them meet: expectation and potential work hand in hand. So, setting unrealistic expectation beyond your potential is a problem.

There are difficulties concerning the social adjustment the gifted students face. Most of the gifted students face a lot of social problems such as isolation, and they find it hard to adjust to cope with it. Gifted students get isolated by other students because they are smart. Most of the gifted students work in class to ensure they get remarkable marks to make their parents happy and that what make other students jealous of them. As a result of jealousness from other students, they will start to isolate themselves away from the gifted student so that they can feel lonely. Gifted students are normally worried about that a lot because as much as they want to make their parents proud also they need to be with other students together. They find it hard on how they can convince other students to accept them in their group because the other students can sometimes be stubborn. Other students who are not gifted can start mocking them and asking them an irrelevant question that they cannot answer. This will make the gifted students find hard to adjust to those kinds of isolation and hatred from other students.so, they will decide rather than being mocked they better leave them and work hard in their class assignment.

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