Importance of TGD. Paper Example

Published: 2023-08-01
Importance of TGD. Paper Example
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Thesis Statement: Even though Three Gorges dam has resulted in complexities in the ecosystem, low productivity of fish food, and changed the pattern of seasonal inundation of Poyang Lake, it controls flood, enhances power generation, conserves biodiversity, and the energy fuels economic growth

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Advantages of the Three Gorges Dam

Increasing the Yangtze River's navigability and controlling floods (Li, Zhu, Wu, & Huang, 2013).

It enhances power generation that is a significant service of rivers (Liu, Liu, & Yang, 2019)

The energy fuels the rate of economic growth by 8 to 10% from the 1980s to 1990s and changes the People's Republic of China into a significant energy equipment producer (Qing, & Sullivan, 1999).

"Biodiversity conservation in the riparian and aquatic ecosystems" as it hosts about 160 fish species, 500 terrestrial vertebrates, and 6000 plant species (Fu e al., 2010).

It improves the ecosystem, for instance, before the dam construction the ecosystem value service of the river was 4.82×1021 sej·yr−1, and after the dam construction, it is 7.65×1021 sej·yr−1 (Liu, Liu, & Yang, 2019). An indication that it has increased by about 58%.

Produces electricity and navigates 3G dam (Jackson & Sleigh, 2001)

Disadvantages of the Three Gorges Dam

TGD operations change the pattern of seasonal inundation of Poyang Lake that further reduces monthly Inundation Frequencies (Wu & Liu, 2017).

"A low nutrient concentration from clean water discharge from the dam, working interactively with low water temperature from hypolimnetic discharge, may induce low productivity and a shortage of food availability for fish" (Song et al., 2019).

It has resulted in complexities in the ecosystem (Wu & Liu, 2017).


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