Interview Advice Essay Example

Published: 2018-02-19
Interview Advice Essay Example
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Career advice

A successful interview is one which enables a job seeker to maximize his personal potential to be able to get the employment opportunity. A job seeker should speak clearly during the interview and speak out about personal skills and experience regarding the job he or she applied. One should also be positive during the interview period and be able to respond to interviewer questions in a focused manner. Interviewee should do background research about the company he or she applied to deeply understand about the company's activities, staffing, financial position and different responsibility of managers. During the interview, interviewee should market his or her past working experience and convince the interviewer that once given the opportunity, he/she is able to deliver quality work on time. An interviewee should also try his/her level best to arrive at interview venue earlier enough like one hour before the interview starts to be able to familiarize himself/herself with the venue room and other facilities. Finally, an Interviewee should also carry notepad, pen to write notes during the interview period. In conclusion, for a successful interview to exist, both interviewee and interviewer should prepare enough and create conducive environment for interview to take place.

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