Essay Sample: Impacts of Youth Groups on the World

Published: 2022-03-23
Essay Sample: Impacts of Youth Groups on the World
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Youth groups are as old as the existence of being in the world. These groups are either politically or socially agenda based on their formation. Moreover, a youth group can be created for both economic reasons and aforementioned reasons. Across the world over, youths, which generally constitutes of the young generation aged between 15 years and 35 years old, have been known for championing for various major societal changes that have been written in history books of the world (Velasquez, et al., p. 900).

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Youth groups can drive changes in any aspect of existence which encompasses social, political and economical. A youth group can either make changes to the current political situation of a country or the leadership of a locality. For example in Canada, between 1974 and 2012 the agenda of the nation and the change was youth centered. This can be done by the constant involvement of the youth groups in the issues that affect the society locally. The issues that affect society can be poor governance, lack of development agenda in a region, insecurity and even poor education system(Velasquez, et al., p. 902). There have been youth groups especially in developing nations whose objectives have been to uplift the social status of the less fortunate within the society, that traditions and customs have undermined.In regions that have practiced inhumane cultures such as female genital mutilation, these groups have championed for such changes. The causes of changes that are driven by the youth groups are mainly attributed to improved literacy standards within a nation and networking that the individual group members have created with outside world.With improved education standards, people become more aware of their rights and responsibilities. moreover, with education comes the proper understanding of societal issues and the responsibilities of those in authority. Moreover, individual networks that the group members create either in social online platforms or locally are very resourceful in fueling the change agendum of a youth group.

The changes that are powered by youth groups have greater effects in the society. These changes are always translated into economic gains by individual youth group members and to some extent nonmembers. It should be noted that youth groups are greatly formed for economic reasons while championing for changes in the society. therefore, a youth group can have small businesses that are owned by members that help them generate income thus improving their lifestyles. Moreover, it should be figured out that normally in the championing for changes within the society, youth groups leads to changes within the traditions and the culture of the society (Velasquez, et al., p. 905). These socio-cultural changes may either be positive or negative depending on the impact they have on the lives of the society members. While when a youth group gets involved in more leisure, drugs, and crimes then it impacts a society negatively. Appreciation should be made to acknowledge that with a proper youth group in place, good governance would be realized. Moreover, social amenities such as health centers, stadiums, and even hotels would be noted.

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Velasquez, Alcides, and Robert LaRose. "Youth collective activism through social media: The role of collective efficacy." New Media & Society 17.6 (2015): 899-918.

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