Free Essay Example. Huawei Leadership Organisation

Published: 2023-01-23
Free Essay Example. Huawei Leadership Organisation
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Innovation organization is the mixture of the novelty organization course as well as alteration administration. It is the commercial correction, meant to drive sustainable invention procedure inside the organization (Donate & de Pablo, 2015). To begin with, the learning will deliberate the subject of management as well as administrative efforts to foster innovation on the employees. The management plays a vital role in the promotion of creativity among the employees. Theories related to the Huawei Company are going to be discussed. More so, some of the challenges facing the Huawei company, for instance, stiff competition from its competitors is also going to be covered. Furthermore, the solution to these challenges and how best the company can remain to be the best of all is also going to be studied.

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Management and Association Arrangement for Invention

Management involves the thinking as well as the method, which brings together diverse methods for manipulating the staffs in entering inventive as well as advanced thoughts for leading organizational innovation. From these statements, it is evident that the capability of employees in an organization to be innovative is determined by the kind of leadership the leaders are practising. The organizational arrangement articulates the method the directors as well as the staff's collaboration. According to Mihalache et al. (2014), the reason behind this is simply because most workers tend to give to their best in a context where their efforts are appreciated. Moreover, in a situation where they are given the freedom to do their work with their creativity, there are very high chances of innovation being seen from the workers. Concepts Associated with ManagementTo begin with, the kinds of management are essential for promoting advanced information as well as opinions beset at organizational invention. According to Anderson et al. (2014), transformational management implements the thinking to change to the alteration, instead of resisting them. Those kinds of leaders flourish on variations. They moreover take enjoyment over the predictions of developing their business towards the improved room.

Additionally, the leaders inspire the workers as well as allowing their innovative thoughts for nurturing inventive notions. In connection to that, harangued that liable managers appropriately recognize the sole requirements of a specific condition and come up with an extraordinary conclusion that can be of great use to that condition. By so doing, such managers are exceedingly motivated towards making deviations as well as innovation in their organization as essential by the exact organizational state.

On the other hand, the arrangement of an organization outlines the method of contact amongst the administration as well as the staffs. The invention is best discovered in the organizations, where the workers have the freedom to freely interact with the higher administration and recommend their advanced thoughts for nurturing organizational innovation. Compliment organizational arrangement permits for more resolution creation among different levels of organizations Sharif (2019). In a company with such kind of an arrangement, the workers can straightly intermingle with the directors from the higher level and propose their advanced notions for development organizational invention.

Concepts of Novelty

Firstly, disorderly invention nurtures an innovation, which thereby plays a vital role in generating the new worth link as well as a new marketplace and eventually interrupts the current value net and market. According to Anderson et al. (2014), ambidextrous inventions substitute the advancement, which might have an exclusive procedure, values as well as arrangement. Likewise, such novelty on no occasion interferes in the fundamental commercial procedure of an organization. Additionally, in a situation with exposed innovation, the organizations experience challenges for meeting as well as producing new commercial thoughts and permits the workers either within or outside for producing new commercial ideas.

Use of Management Novelty of the Huawei Company.

Firstly, Huawei Company is among the most global organization that is leading on matters to do with inventions. The novelty policy of Huawei Company includes massive new products as well as inspired business models. Ren Zhengfei was as a leading heroic leader on the promotion of creativity among the workers and also on producing the best qualities of products.

To begin with, the design of Huawei smartphone is moderately advanced in the marketplace, which is shadowed by disorderly invention resulting in an emergency of numerous competitors. Besides the lighting expertise domineeringly brilliant characteristics of the companies' products hence coping up with the existing stiff competition. Ren Zhengfei, always allows the workers in the organizational policymaking process and encourages creativity by the employees, thereby coming up with quality as well as competitive products on the market set up.

What is interesting about this organization is that it shadows a compliment organizational arrangement; hence, the workers of the organization can freely relate by the administration Sharif (2019). By so doing, the organization sustains the quickness as well as inventiveness in the process of the executive. More so, the determinations, as well as happenings of the staffs, have thereby assisting the organization in the initiation of Huawei phones for providing the best services to their clients. The flexible administrative arrangement advances not only the management but also the quickness of communication amongst the staffs hence leading to the quicker execution of an advanced managerial choice.

Challenges facing the Huawei Company

Even though the Huawei Company has been one of the companies leading on matters concerning innovation, there are, however, some issues to be worked upon. To begin with, there has been a challenge of the company failing to realize the need of their customers and incorporate them in return.

On the other hand, the company has not been able to know the market need hence producing some items that which doesn't fit the fundamental market needs. In connection to this, the company ends up producing items that are contradictory to their customers. By so doing, the items produced becomes hard to be operated by most of their customers, hence the customers' end up opting to purchase items from other companies. Lastly, the company faces a challenge of stiff competition, where their products are expensive while we have companies producing cheaper items.

Possible solutions

The Huawei Company should be keen on a market investigation by recognizing the fundamental as well as the needs of their clients. The company should stop paying more attention to innovations and forget about the customers' demands. Furthermore, the managers of the company should put the customer's consideration on whether they will afford their items before deciding on the final price of their products.

On the other hand, there should benchmark with other companies on the cost of similar products to avoid cases of selling their products at a higher price than the other companies. By so doing, the company will be able to cope with the stiff competition from other companies, hence increasing their sales.

Effects of the solution for competition

The managers of the Huawei company should make efforts to encouraging its staffs to do further research on the market. By so doing, the company will be in a position to realize the fundamental wants of their clients hence producing products clear to ordinary people. Besides, they will be able to come up with affordable items. By so doing, the company will be able to cope with stiff competition.


In conclusion, it is evident that leadership and organization are vital to innovation. Managers should encourage workers to have creative thoughts. The leaders of the Huawei Company should reward innovative workers for promoting creativity in the workplace. Nevertheless, the company assumes its customers' needs and preferences, and this becomes a challenge. To control this problem, the company should conduct research on what their customers need as well as matters on competition in the market. By so doing, the company will not only be able to produce items affordable to its customers but also cope with stiff competition.


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