Free Essay on Education Goals - Electrical Engineering College

Published: 2018-11-12
Free Essay on Education Goals - Electrical Engineering College
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Technology in childhood

Since my childhood, technology has been an exciting field. While in high school, I used to listen keenly to my father, an electrical engineer explaining to me how electrical engineering has changed the world through a series of landmark inventions. He always insisted that I consider engineering as a career. Since then I have worked hard to better my grades in core engineering subjects (science and mathematics) which I have excelled very well. My urge and desire to have an impact on the next generation through electrical engineering is now a dream come true. My primary goal is to graduate as an electrical engineer and get a job as a software engineer. This way I will not only be able to improve the living standards of my parents but also help to address and solve complex engineering problems affecting the world today

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As a student in electrical engineering, I will be able to develop ability and skills to analyze and design state-of-the-art software that will offer a solution to changing technological needs in the world today as the world go global. I intend to develop systems components and processes that will link electrical engineering problems with possible solutions and alternatives by developing design software with integrated testing and communication tool.

Attending electrical engineering college in this context will provide me with extensive hands-on and laboratory experience that will foster my practical knowledge and proficiency in electrical engineering field. At the end the program, I will also be able to graduate as a certified electrical engineer thus be able to practice as a professional in this area. This way, I will be compliant with electrical engineering Board thus obtain a practicing certificate in my profession.

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