Essay Example: Human Relations Document for Hobbs Motors

Published: 2023-02-02
Essay Example: Human Relations Document for Hobbs Motors
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This document is structured in order to acquaint the new employees with Hobbs Motors and to provide valuable information about the organization's policies, history, working conditions, goods and services provided to the customers, as well as the procedure and benefits affecting employment.

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About the Organization

Hobbs Motors is a multi-award-winning car dealership based in New Jersey. We at Hobbs Motors take pride in presenting ourselves as one of the big players in the motor vehicle industry, majorly known for selling, servicing, and maintaining both franchised and non-franchised vehicles. We are among the best-known dealership for our quality and competitive prices. Whether it is a valet, warranty work, or a brand new service, Hobbs Motors provides the highest standard.

The Goals and Objectives of the Organizational Human Resource Function

The purpose of human resource management at Hobbs Motors lies in effective utilization of its employees to attain specific goals as well as organizational goals. These functions include but not limited to personnel and payroll function. Specifically, the objectives of the human resource function at Hobbs Motors include defining organizational structure and driving productivity. The company relies on human resource management to hire the right talent, nurture staff skills, and to maximize the return on investment capital. Similarly, the human resource management at Hobbs Motors works to build coordination between organizational departments to achieve business objectives. Additionally, human resource management at Hobbs Motors works to keep employees responsible and satisfied, especially with rising global competition. Another objective of human resource management at Hobbs Motors is that it helps the company keep up with the societal and ethical models.

Management Philosophy Objectives

Our philosophy at Hobbs Motors is based on accountability and mutual respect, especially to the customers. We strive to offer a level of client focus that is not only unique but also superior to that offered by our rivals in the industry. For this reason, Hobbs Motors is always looking for young, vibrant and highly motivated recruits who understand the importance of teamwork and have the discipline, responsibility, risk-taking and the commitment required to achieve its goals.

Recruitment and Selection Policies

The employment with Hobbs Motors is voluntary in nature. This means that there is no legal obligation tying our employees to the company. They are free and may resign at will at any time, without necessarily stating a cause. Also, Hobbs Motors may discontinue the employment relationship at will at any time, with or without notice provided, there is no violation of either federal or state laws.

Recruitment Policy

Hobbs Motors is committed to recruiting employees and management of the highest caliber, who are young, vibrant, and highly motivated. They must also be experienced and ready to support the company's mission and vision. Hobbs Motors gives emphasis on the recruitment system, which is based on a fair and consistent procedure. The company has also framed the policies that follow legal terms and conditions. For instance, in terms of position, the human resource management will develop a complete job description that outlines the specific tasks and responsibilities and also the desired qualification required for each position. Any approval will be purely based on these conditions. Overall, the recruitment system at Hobbs Motors is based on both internal and external recruitment systems. The internal system includes internal transfer or employee referrals while the external system includes published advertisements through the company's portal as well a print media.

Selection Procedure

At Hobbs Motors, after the recruitment system is approved, the human resource manager selects a committee for the recruitment of qualified staff for filling various vacant positions. As a company that values its employees, the priority for the vacant positions is given first to internal staff members who have the required qualifications, or those staff members whose contract period is due. In any case, none of the internal staff members have the required qualification, the company will abandon the internal system and apply external recruitment system for the external candidates to fill the requirements.

When recruitment is done externally, the job profile is first discussed by the human resource manager and the head of the department from which the position is available, in consultation with the chosen committee members. In this process, the resumes of the candidates are shortlisted based on the requirements of the chosen committee, and also whether they meet the specifications required for the job. Afterward, the shortlisted candidates are called for an interview.

Personnel Functions

Personnel functions are the activities within organizations that are responsible for the management and motivation of employees in their place of work (Klingner, Llorens, & Nalbandian, 2015). Specifically, the personnel functions at Hobbs Motors are concerned with the following:

Recruitment and selection: Here the human resource management of the company assists in preparing a job description for available positions and also job advertisements. After the jobs are advertised, the committee will organize the process of interviewing the shortlisted candidates.

Induction: This process is critical to the new employees as it gives them a positive start at Hobbs Motors. Here, the employees will be introduced to the culture and policies of the company, the essential requirements for Hobbs Motors employees including safety training and health, as well as the aspects of the job they will be undertaking. It involves introducing new recruits to other employees and understanding policies, procedures, and other technical aspects of the company.

Training: Here, the management focuses on both the needs of the company and also the needs of individual employees. Specific schedules for basing training for new recruits are developed. Hobbs Motors encourages all new employees to take advantage of the entire training and development process, as well as other job-specific training programs.

Putting new recruits on probationary Period: Hobbs Motors puts new employees on Probation as an opportunity to demonstrate their competencies and commitments. This period is also critical for employees to determine whether they are well suited to the new position. Essentially, after training the company's management monitors and evaluates new recruits for a period of six months as a way of knowing whether further employment is necessary. Successful completion of the probationary period will guarantee new recruits a new employment classification; otherwise, their contract with Hobbs Motors will be terminated immediately. Also, if the management finds that the designated period is not sufficient for an effective evaluation of the recruit's performance, then they are obliged to extend it by some months, usually not more than three.

Collective Bargaining Process

For a large organization such as Hobbs Motors, collective bargaining represents an integral part of the employer-employee relationship. It is usually an agreement between an organized body of employees and an employer (Richardson, 2013). The main focus of these negotiations is fixing the terms of employment by means of bargaining through some authorized agents. Although Hobbs Motors does not fully support such endeavors, it allows collective bargaining in certain situations to keep up workplace morale. These areas include:

Wages: Here, Hobbs Motors and the Union representing employees work to ensure that the staff is paid the right wages, which is beneficial to them and also the company itself.

Hours: The company also works with Unions to ensure that employees are comfortable with the working hours.

Safety: Hobbs Motors also work with unions to ensure that the conditions at the workplace are safe enough for the staff. This can sometimes be achieved through proper training.

Grievances: With inputs from Unions, Hobbs Motors ensures that there is proper grievance protocol within the organization so that employees can report on the issues affecting them. This can help the company address such grievances better and on time.

Job description: Here, Hobbs Motors allows room for negotiation to ensure that employees' job statues are secured, and therefore, cannot be terminated without cause or justification.

Compensation Policies

Compensation policies vary from one organization to another, and often covers various activities such as employees working outside normal business hours to rewarding staff for high-level performance that reaches organizational goals and objectives (Ahmad, 2015).

Hobbs Motors regularly monitors its compensation policies to ensure that all its employees are paid in an equitable manner, and in a way that corresponds to other businesses in the industry. For instance, Hobbs Motors includes employees' incentives as part of its compensation policies. The incentives offered by the company are usually based on individual accomplishments, particularly in terms of sales, performance as well as other standards already put in place to reward hardworking staff. Similarly, Hobbs Motors also uses merit increases to award its hardworking employees. These are usually based on performance appraisal reviews from managers and supervisors on employees, and usually considers performance standards, job description, and work logs.

The company also uses overtime pay as part of its compensation policies. At Hobbs Motors, all operative levels are entitled to overtime payment; however, this prerogative is limited to levels below supervisory. The company's head of the projects are always responsible for these compensations and will only authorize them when there is an overtime performance. Additionally, to motive employees, the company uses annual reviews awards compensations and benefits to employees. This usually occurs on the basis of market pricing for employees with qualifications and skills in high demand.

Federal and State Requirements

Hobbs Motors strictly follows the federal and state laws concerning employment as stipulated by the Department of Labor and other agencies such as the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 2015). These federal and state requirements include:

The minimum wage: Hobbs Motors observes the federal and state requirement on minimum wage, and ensure all its employees receive at least $7.25 per hour as per the Fair Labor Standards Act (Mayer, Collins, & Bradley, 2013). The minimum wage bill was passed in 2009, and the company has used it since.

Workplace safety: As a federal requirement, Hobbs Motors uses occupational safety towards minimizing dangers that might befall its employees at the workplace. The company has put in place various safety measures and provisions that are integrated as part of the training program to new recruits. New employees are required to be conversant with these provisions before they commence any of the organization's activities.

Health coverage: As a company with more than fifty full-time workers, Hobbs Motors offers its employees a minimal level of health insurance as a requirement for Employer Shared Responsibility by the state.

Social security: Hobbs Motors follows the social security act as required by the federal government by providing financial safety to its retired and disabled employees. Ideally, the company and its employees each contribute a certain amount of the staff member's earnings.

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