Bible Free Essay Assignment

Published: 2022-11-16
Bible Free Essay Assignment
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Paul's letter to the Romans revolves around significant themes about the power in God's word and salvation for humankind. One fundamental assumption is that God's power for salvation lies in the gospel since the word brings out the critical aspect of faith necessary for salvation to become a reality. Faith is primarily a substance of things hoped for and evidence of things not seen as described in the Bible. It, therefore, means there are no works for one to receive salvation, but one needs only to believe in His word. Salvation, thus, involves believing with the heart that Christ died and arose on the third day, He lives today and confessing with one's mouth that indeed Jesus is Lord. Paul also expresses his sorrows to those that have not believed in salvation, and this forms our second assumption also adding that those who have salvation shall not experience shame (Romans 10: 32-33).

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Assumptions made from the reading on the resident alien is that Christians are aliens here on earth. It, therefore, means that their real citizenship is not on earth but in heaven. Christians are therefore not here to get lost in the silent closet of prayer and keep quiet but to make change around them just like heaven. Another assumption is also the fact unless one is in Christ, he cannot see the world from a right point of view since understanding the world is only possible when one is in Christ who reveals unto them. The theme of faith and salvation with various assumptions in the description is also in details. These two themes of faith and salvation relate to the main topics in Paul's letter to Romans.

One assumption made regarding faith is that it begins through remembrance of the story of God working to restore humanity and therefore faith does not begin as a discovery. The story of God is in His word, and we should, therefore, focus our lives based on what is right rather than on the wrong information (Guin). An assumption on salvation also is that it is not the beginning but a continuation of what God already started in saving humankind. The goal of salvation, therefore, is not for fame but to please God. Salvation involves showing love to a lost and suffering population and remembering we are saved in God's path to transform the entire creation. The final assumption deduced from the resident alien is that we need first to follow Jesus before we get to know Him and we know Him through the word of God.

The book of Mathew gives an expansive story about the life of Jesus. It starts by the foretelling of the birth of Jesus by the angel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary betrothed to Joseph. Through the various instances in the life of Jesus, God confirms him in the hearing of all people that Jesus was His son. The two well-recorded cases are during his baptism and at the time of Jesus' transfiguration. The death of Jesus forms the climax by affirming to us that he indeed came to shed his blood for the redemption of many. He died on the cross for our sins and resurrected on the third day thus showing the conquering of death and giving evidence to the reality of eternal life to those who will believe. The events unfolding in the life of Jesus provide evidence to His existence and that he is alive today. He died for our sons for us to receive salvation and therefore there is no way out except to believe in him and this mostly applies to non-Christians or those who stopped believing.

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