HRM in Eastwood School, Essay Example

Published: 2022-03-18
HRM in Eastwood School, Essay Example
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The fitting of the specific work areas to the overall university

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Visitation of the key operational and work areas that include the library, the laboratory, the offices, catering facilities, and the offices

At this particular point, it is imperative for the new employee to be familiar with local arrangements that include parameters and factors such as the working hours, sickness procedure, the lunch arrangements, the dress code, holiday requests, and the leave procedures

Should include other school procedures such as the e-mail and the sue of the internet, parking and transportation

Human Resource

(0830-0930hrs) The introduction to the colleagues or the other member of staff Have a keen look at the organization chart

The discussion of the responsibilities of the staff in general terms

Extension of additional time to allow for visits to areas that may be outside the work area such as the football pitches, the swimming pool, and the basketball area

Introduction to other team members in the within the school The activities or the functions of the other teams

The purpose of the team in the school fraternity and functionality

The fitting of the work areas that include the library and the basket ball courts into school operations

Familiarization with the school chart

1000-1030hrs Tea break The new staff will take tea together with other members of staff

Human Resource

(1030-11300hrs) The terms and conditions of the employment and working for the school The orientation will ensure that the new employee is familiar with the terms and the conditions of the of working in within the school that include the acceptable dress code, the right behavior, and the code of ethics

Performance standards Familiarization with job description that include the outline of the specific roles

The definition of the goals, the objectives, and the expectations of the school and the board of management

The review of performance, the probation, and the development of the processes of appraisal and the ADR

There should be a review of role specific needs and the formulation of a relevant program that is consistent with the duties and the person's skills and core competencies

The staff should have the clear overview and understanding of their duties and the responsibilities

The introduction of the training opportunities that are available to the staff necessary for professional training

Will also include the review of the PDP or the personal development planning tools

Lunch Break


IT Department


Finance Department


The office systems

The forms and levels of compensation

Have lunch at the school cafeteria as part of the familiarization tour

There will be a review of the application and the usage of the office equipment such as the telephone, voicemail, computer, photocopier, and the fax machine

The review of the use of software and the computer security

The consideration of the environmental efficiencies that include the recycling of the, wastage, and the energy management

The employee is briefed on the platform or mode of compensation for example the bank

The dates and degree of payment

The taxation policy

The amount of overtime packages

Any bonuses attached to the position

Health Insurance

Reimbursement procedures

Contents of the Briefings (Prompt Two)

Administration Department

The new employees normally undergo an orientation program that has the aim of introducing the new staff members to the new place of work (Eastwood School) and ensure that they are familiar with their new duties and responsibilities. The first step is to introduce the employee to the goals, mission, vision, expectations, and the objectives of the school right from the beginning (Davis, 2015). At this particular point, the main point of discussion or orientation is the job description. To this end, the employees engage in specified or specific task that need to accomplish. At this point, the task should be measurable, attainable, timely, and realistic.

The intention is to alert the employee that is now in different environment and the expectations are different for example, at Eastwood School performance is of profound significance, and any member of the staff should adhere strictly to the timetable and the standards set therein. The Eastwood School has the code of ethics and conduct in its handbook that has the information on the schools mission, vision, values, and the institution's expectations on the new employees and the responsibilities to the employees. Such normally covers the teacher's performance and the expected output in the in class work. Additionally, the employee needs to learn about the provisions on discrimination and the consequences attached to the same. In any work place, the employee should be at the best possible behavior at all times (Yamahaki, 2007).

Human Resource Department

It is worth noting that employees normally suffer from numerous professional and personal problems that need solving to ensure that they perform to the best of their abilities without obstacles or hindrances. Under such circumstances, the employees need to know the righty channel to follow for assistance to advice (Webster, 2012). Informing the new employee on the assistance program is necessary. Reminding them of the confidentiality of the program is also of essence. Touring the building helps the employees to locate the vital areas such as the classrooms, the cafeteria, the offices, and the other necessary areas such as the swimming pool. It is during the tour that the employers are acquainted with the co-workers. As mentioned, the new staff requires training to improve their performance and to determine whether they know how to execute various functions based on the systems found within the schools. The school has the propensity of printing schedules sand the training plans to keep them abreast with what to expect and what is expected of them. During the orientation, the staff also receives meeting reminders that they add to their online calendar. It is imperative for the employees to have unmatched knowledge of the routines, norms, the professionals standards, and the skill levels requires of them. Offering the training or the training schedule provides them the opportunity to improve their skills and to adapt to the new environment.

Notably, on the first day, the employees are quite anxious and the pressure to impress the new co-workers is eminent. The orientation gives them the chance to talk to the other employees and share their experiences and the resins as to why they settled for the institution (Rajbhandari, 2016). Finally, letting the employees to know the attraction areas such as the nearest stores, businesses, and the restaurants helps them to acclimate to the new environment faster and with greater degree of freedom. The employees should know the location of the drug stores, the banks, the dry cleaners, entertainment venues, and the spots for breakfast and lunch.

IT Department

Being a modern institution, the Eastwood School has great technologies that include but not limited to computers and various software. Education the employees on the procedures and technology policies are important since the institution has deep footing in social media platforms flexible and virtual employments. The school places great emphasis on appropriate disclosures and privacy. At the orientation, the employees get the passwords that enable them to gain access to the school announcements via email, the intranet, the online timetables, the school blog, and any other programs that are web-based that the school may use. Informing the employees of the social media policies and the consequences of misusing the school's technology is important since it ensures strict conformity to the approved practices.

Finance Department

The discussion of the compensation and the additional benefits and is of great importance. Despite the fact that the new staff member maybe aware of their compensation, it is crucial to remind them on the amount of salary, the pay dates, and the options for the payments. It is essential to review the health insurance, tuition reimbursement, long-term liability, and any other benefits that the institution may offer to the employee during periods of probation. The orientation should also cover the breaks and the working hours. It is worth noting that Eastwood School has a flexible timetable, it is of great significance to arrange with the new staff. The management should let them know the reporting time, lunch breaks, and the time for any other curriculum and co-curriculum activities.


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