Essay Sample on OSHA Standards on Safety

Published: 2023-05-02
Essay Sample on  OSHA Standards on Safety
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OSHA is an organization in the United States that is specifically created to ensure the health and safety of workers via access to confined spaces. It outlines a set of standards in promoting a safe environment in protecting the lives of working men and women in America. Confined spaces pose a severe health risk, thus the need for a set of regulations to preserve the lives of workers (Factor et al., 2018). This paper seeks to outline a standard operating procedure for workers to repair a leaking valve in line with OSHA's guidelines and requirements.

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All employers must evaluate their workplaces and inform their employees of possible permit spaces and the underlying restrictions in accessing them (Shaffer & Gilbert, 2018). From the flowchart in Appendix A of 29 CFR 1910.146, the area in question is one is a permit-required confined space as the oxygen falls below the acceptable level of 19.5 percent. Such oxygen levels are low for workers to operate, which will demand a permit for entry.

In preparation of the Standard Operating Procedure for entering the workspace, the following approach has been utilized.


In line with standard conditions issued by OSHA 29 CFR 1910.146., the following procedure will be utilized by all workers in accessing the confined space. Safety measures are included while working in such an area and in repairing the leaking valve.


An attendant is a trained individual outside the vault who will monitor the entrants and act professionally in case of an emergency. A confined space is a big area for workers to enter, offers limited access for the prescribed entry, and doesn't provide for long-term habitation by the workers. (1910.146b)

Associated Hazards

The associated hazards with this space are as follows:

The oxygen levels fall below the required limit of 19.5 percent, terming this space as oxygen-deficient, therefore unhealthy for entrants.

Control of Hazards

For an oxygen-deficient space, mechanical ventilation will be used with a warning system in place to notify entrants of any arising failure. Additionally, respiratory wear will be provided for workers to protect them in case of an unnoticed air surge. 1910.146(c)5(ii)(C)


Clearing- the space will be cleared of any unnecessary vapors. The tanks will also be drained before repair commences. 1910.146(d)(3)(iii)

Testing of Atmospheric viability of space- The entry supervisor will test the space of atmospheric conditions or the possibility of hazardous gases. The acceptable oxygen level falls in the range of 19.5-23.5 percent. 1910.146(c)5(ii)(C)

Ventilation- In cases where natural ventilation won't suffice, forced air ventilation or air movers will be utilized. 1910.146(d)(5)(vi)

Entry permits- The space in question requires a permit before access. The management will oversee and ensure a permit in line with the standard guidelines of OSHA is acquired. 1910.146(d)

Training- The employer will provide adequate training to all workers on the nature of the space as well as necessary skills in completing the task. 1910.146(g)


Shaffer, R. M., & Gilbert, S. G. (2018). Reducing occupational lead exposures: Strengthened standards for a healthy workforce. Neurotoxicology, 69, 181-186.

Factor, C., ISS, I. S. S., Rate, L. W. D. C., & Rate, L. W. D. (2017). Operating Procedure.

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