Free Essay on How to Find Inspiration for Writing

Published: 2017-07-14
Free Essay on How to Find Inspiration for Writing
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Writing, like most forms of art, requires one to have the creativity to produce works that their mind has shaped, while their hand allows it to exist in the physical world, granting the ability for others to lay their eyes upon it. Unlike the normal examples you find when one speaks of the Arts (Meaning that of painting, drawing, digital design, etc.), writing requires the writer to have a solid grasp of the extensive possibilities one can have with the use of words. A writer is able to describe gorgeous scenes and images, allowing the reader`s own thoughts to be the canvas on which their words paint. For some, one must enter a state of mind and calm that allows the needed creativity and thought to flow freely throughout their mind, giving birth to the beauty that is literature. However, every artist, either one of the pen or of the brush, has their own way of entering such a state, if one is even necessary.

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My own way of entering such a state of sheer creativity has multiple paths for me to take. Firstly, probably the more arbitrary way, is caused by nothing and can be described as; `A sudden need to create`, or a spark of creativity as you will. Nothing seems to actually cause or trigger it. It just seems to happen, completely at random, however, I have noted that it occurs more often when I have had a rather productive day overall, Otherwise, one might find me, getting out of bed at 2 A.M. to sit at my desk to write or draw, seemingly driven by sheer force of will.

Another way, this being one with an actual source, is that whenever I have music playing, either from my personal headphones or earbuds, or in the background with unknown origin causes my mind to begin to wander. I am not fully sure why that is, however, if I were to describe it, I would say that my mind, like an airplane, would take off into the boundless skies that is creativity with the marvelous beat of the song as my fuel. This is most likely the most common form of inspiration.

Another form that has a more minor hold on my imagination is looking at real-word examples of art. What I mean by that is; the strange gothic patterns of cracks upon the ancient cobblestone of that clocktower, the emerald ocean that is that grassy plain as the wind moves the its blades, the radiant light of that person`s smile as their joy seems to lift the spirits within the room. With a simple look out of my window I can discover an immeasurable landscape for my own originality to spawn. Yes, this form of innovation has less strength when compared to the random spark that lights my eyes or the powerful beat of my favorite song, however, in my own opinion, I think it best for an artist to have multiple sources to look for, just in case one of those other paths have led you astray and lost in the endless woods that are the mind. In some cases, like in my music, the wandering can lead to the discovery of something new. However, it is best not to saunter too far off your own trail lest you lose your way entirely, drowning that spark of creativity with the voices of thoughts long considered dead.

Despite my own forms, it is best for an artist, in my personal judgement, to discover their own paths to inspiration to follow. However, it one is having excessive difficult finding their own way, it is perfectly acceptable for said artist to travel along another artist`s path, if such it leads to the creativity they need for their art.

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