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Published: 2018-03-16 19:49:09
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Definition of lying

It is amazing how delusional it is that people have to lie even to themselves. Funny enough some lie not just to get out of a pressing situation but for excitement, appease others, get rewards, and get sympathy or even to win attention of others. Following the reasons for lies, there different types of lying.  Some of the common types of lies include lies of commission and lies of omission.

At some point in life, everyone finds themselves having to lay for one reason or another. The type of lies depends on the ease with the liar will achieve their intentions.  For instance, one could lie in a presentation to keep their audience fixed and engaged, to create emotions or event to have them sympathize with the presenter. The tone and mode of lying occurs almost automatically and so fast that even the lair might not notice that they are lying or even the next word they will tell their audience. For the excitement purposes, many people find themselves using the lies of commission. For the lies to be classified in this category, the lair must have twisted the truth of fact so that the lie or the twisted true version will create emotions or cause the audience to respond in the intended manner. One could also find themselves using lies of commission to win rewards or get rewards untruthfully. For example, children most use the lies commission with the intention of winning their parents attention. They can fake cry or sickness so that their parents can attend to them more closely and favorably. Adults may also lie with the same motive of winning favors, attention or rewards rather than earning them in the right manner. Over the years, studies have indicated that men have been exaggerating to have flue, coughs or cold to win the attention and care of their spouses. Although recent studies have showed that there are chances that men are more vulnerable to flu, such exaggerations and lies can still be classified as lies of commission where the lair intents to gain sympathy from other people. 

The lie of omission or “The whole truth” is one where the lair has to leave a specific crucial aspect of information. The lies of omission are usually difficult to identify because the lair tells the truth, although they omits a significant aspect of the truth the intention of gaining something.  Most people find themselves using the lies of omission to avoid punishments. For example, a car accident might have occurred on the road. The driver realizes they were wrong but when reporting, they leave out some parts that show their wrong side. In such case, if the victim of the accident died, the driver avoids the punishment through a narrow escape by using the lies of omission. Others use the lies of omission to appease their peers. By appeasing their peers, relatives of friends, they always hope to gain peace in their lives and support. Teenagers usually find themselves using the lies of omission so that they can be accepted in a certain group of peers. 


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