Free Essay on How to Encourage Collaboration and Demonstrate Stewardship in Nursing

Published: 2022-09-09
Free Essay on How to Encourage Collaboration and Demonstrate Stewardship in Nursing
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There is an excellent movement toward collaborative types of healthcare. Each member of the healthcare team should be practicing collaborative care although many practitioners do not. The focus of the nurses' duties requires being realigned to their job as being an inspiration source. In the case where nursing practitioners are provided with knowledge regarding the benefits of stewardship and collaboration, then the field of healthcare would most likely use these approaches. Currently, I am working as a nurse at a general hospital in my neighborhood. While working as a nurse, one realizes that the practice of productive collaboration is among the important elementary duties of nursing. Furthermore, fruitful collaboration with other providers of healthcare and members of the staff is both a professional and legal role of nurses.

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I have come to understand that active collaboration with other colleagues at health care centers starts with self-awareness. When a nurse gets to know what motivates or moves you, it is straightforward working towards accomplishing most of the nursing goals. Being aware of one's potential helps a person to develop the techniques required for dealing with the obstacles encountered at the time of work. It is through a self-analysis which will make one realize the kind of aspects of a given job, what kind of improvements are required and ways of enhancing partnership with other colleagues at health care center.

Communicating effectively is another thing that I can do to encourage collaboration. The important points to note when interacting with other colleagues include honesty, compassion, clarity, and resolving of grievances respectfully instead of letting them result to conflict (Souza, Peduzzi, Silva, & Carvalho, 2016). Since communicating with other professionals from different disciplines may be challenging, I would interact with them effectively by recognizing the unique ways which every discipline approaches issues around the patient care. To encourage collaboration through communicating effectively, I would focus on understanding the kind of knowledge that each of the disciplines depends on and framing what I would say in that context. This would make professionals from other disciplines to listen to what I am saying and for me to listen to what they are saying about a given issue.

Stewardship involves having a sense of focusing on charitable giving when one considers using God's blessing in God's way for God's glory. One way that I can use to demonstrate stewardship in nursing is by being transparent. Being transparent include admitting when I make mistakes. Most of the team members are more willing to forgive individuals who are honest than people who pretend that there is nothing wrong that has happened. Therefore, I would not attempt to cover up for the mistakes that I have done.

Holding others accountable is the other thing that I can do as a nurse to illustrate stewardship. Although it is more difficult to call out problems among the team members, it is advisable to call out issues before it is too late letting things fall apart while trying to spare a given team member (Murphy, 2009). Therefore, I would demonstrate stewardship by being as clear as I can about my expectations of my colleagues and their responsibilities in healthcare. Upholding to the ethics and moral standards will enable me to demonstrate the essence of faithful stewardship in the health care center as a nurse.


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